Eliminate Barking When You Are Gone With the PetSafe Stationary Bark Control

Barking is a natural instinct and response for dogs of all sizes. They bark out of excitement, fear, boredom, and other various reasons. In all cases something triggers the barking. Finding the cause of the barking is very important because the problem could have been eliminated or drastically reduced without additional help. If the cause can not be removed, you may have to look for assistance from dog training products.

The basics of eliminating barking are very simple. First find and try to eliminate the cause of the barking. For excessive or nuisance barking, this may not be possible. This type of barking is normally done because your dog is bored or lonely. Second, use a device that will distract them and teach them there is a consequence for the barking. Many devices are available for this including collars and remote devices. These devices use methods such as a slight shock, ultrasonic sound, or a bad scent to distract your dog and stop the barking. Occasionally they will associate the two and the negative behavior will be fixed.

It is normal to spoil your dog and reward them for doing nothing. This can actually make their barking and negative behaviors worse. A dog will bark when they are not getting attention because they feel neglected. If they are given constant attention, it is expected of you. You must teach them that barking for attention is unacceptable. The same goes for any other negative behavior or barking problem.

There are things you can do when away to help reduce the amount of barking your dog does and make staying home alone easier for them. When you are leaving, use body language and your tone to portrait they will be okay and being alone is not a bad thing. Do not praise your dog and reward them for nothing. Teach them that positive behaviors will get them the attention and treasures that they want. Let them get familiar with not being the center of attention all the time. By slowing removing some of the constant attention, they will learn that being left alone for a little while is not being neglected. Find a way to distract them when they are barking and make sure they have something to do when they are by themselves.

The PetSafe Stationary Bark Control can also help. It is designed for indoor use with a range of twenty-five feet. The stationary bark control detects your dog barking through a microphone and then emits an ultrasonic sound that interrupts the barking. A sound like this does not hurt your dog but is distracting and annoying to them. It uses a nine volt battery and has a light indicator for low battery. Batteries last on average for six months or approximately 2,000 corrections. Corrections can be automatic or manual. Use it to keep your dog from barking in a specific location in your home. This barking device requires no collar and is very effective and easy to use when you are not home, sleeping or busy. Using it will ensure everyone get peace and quiet during the most pertinent times.