Dogs Are Now Celebrating Halloween by Wearing Costumes

Yes, believe it or not, many people are dressing up their dogs for all occasions. The latest trend is Halloween and more and more extravagant costumes are now available. Just about any costumes you can think of for humans will also be available for dogs.

Here's a list of some of the most popular today, not in order of popularity though:

1. Prison Pooch. This has the traditional white and black prison uniforms. This is a good choice if your dog likes acting like a tough guy once in a while. Pit bulls, Dobermans and German Shepherds look especially bad in these outfits. Your dog just may want to wear them all year round.

2. Spirit Paws. This costume is a favorite especially for those involved in sports. It makes your dog into an instant cheerleader for your favorite team. Chiwawas and miniature bulldogs make excellent cheerleaders.

3. Skunk Little Stinker. As the name follows your dog will look like a skunk and if your dog has a naturally bad body odor, then no skunk smelling perfume is necessary.

4. Clown. If your dog is a real clown and constantly making you laugh you should strictly consider the dog clown outfit. This is one of my personal favorites.

5. Witch. Very, very scary. The danger with this outfit is that if your dog looks into the mirror, they will likely freeze from fright. So, keep all mirrors away until after Halloween.

6. Bumble Bee. This one may inspire your dog to try to fly. So if you see your pet running and then stopping all of a sudden over and over, it is because they are expecting to leave the ground when they stop and start flying. It usually takes a few hours before your pet realizes that the wings do not work. They get somewhat disappointed, but they will realize soon after that they do get some honey covered biscuits occasionally.

7. Hot Dog and Ketchup. Ideal for the Daschund breed of dogs. If this one does not make your friends laugh you better check their pulse.

8. Elvis. What would a list of costumes be without an Elvis? Idea for those who think they can sing. Sideburns not included. This costume may get the females excited so make sure your bog is well behaved and knows how to treat the ladies.

9. Pumpkin. Of course this is a big choice for Halloween although I think it's a bit hard on the dogs ego to be seen as a member of the squash vegetable group.

10. Lobster. To round out the top ten list we have the amazingly lifelike lobster. When people see the lobster walking down the street they are amazed and you will frequently hear them say "I have never seen a lobster walk on land before." If your pet is a good actor he will play along for a while before he starts laughing at the dumb humans. Do not turn your back though, because someone may think that your pet looks like dinner also.

So there's the top 10 list of Dog Halloween costumes. There are many more different costumes just waiting for your dog.