Dog Running Harness

The dog running harness is simple and sturdy built to provide comfort to the wearer and to free up your hands from holding onto the lead. The harness belt fits around the waist and is nicely padded; It even has a water bottle holder which is nice and handy looking as unlike your dog its best that you do not start drinking from that dirty puddle.

The harness has an attachment for the lead obviously and although designed for only one dog they are strong enough to take the pull of a couple of animals.

No doubt it will take a little getting used to by both of you but once you both find the right rhythm to run together then there should be no holding you back. All you'll need are a good pair of trail shoes to give you a little extra grip in wet and muddy conditions and other than that you'll be ready to go.

If you decide that you like the experience of running with your dog then you might even decide that you want to have a go at Canicross. This has started something of a surge in popularity; It's a cross country event for dog owners to try out there skills at running with their pet. It looks a little hectic at the start of these races but what fun once you get into your own stride. These races are even done with bikes, though I have to say for myself that would be an absolute recipe for disaster.

So go on, get your trail shoes and a dog harness and find the nearest Canicross to enter. If you have concerns about the fitness of your pet then no need to worry, before your dog can go through to the race they get a full check up from a vet.