Dog Harnesses

What are some of the uses of dog harnesses? We will discuss a few medical purposes to use a dog harness. Usually a harness is best for small dogs, and large dogs. When your dog drags you down the sidewalk it is best to attach the lead to a harness.

Uses of dog Harnesses:

1. An extra large dog – so that the collar will not cut into his neck.

2. To help a large dog into the car – using the harness you can easily lift your large dog into the car.

3. Help with dogs who are partially paralleled – provide support for their body and to move them.

4. Assist dogs with severe arthritis or osteoarthritis

5. Small dogs – support their little bodies

A harness is placed around and under the dog's body. It may be made of leather, cloth, or material. The leather harness may be plain, or it may have metal spikes on it. The harness with metal spikes are used for dogs such as pit bulls. There are some made with fancy colors and jewels on them. The dress vest type harness affords the best support. The regular ones are made of strips of leather like ribbons, but the dress vest harness is a complete apparel in itself. So it can be used to protect the dog from the cold, or the wind, or even the heat. We must be sure to have the right fit for the dog or it would cause more harm than good.

For a large dog, a padded harness may do the trick, especially if he is fond of yanking on the harness while you are walking him. Be sure to change the size of the harness as your dog grows. If he gains weight, you might find it fits too snug, then it is time to get a new one that will fit well, and be comfortable. Of course, if you have a diva dog, you might own several types, such as those that have bling or jewels on them.