Dog Harness Versus Collar For Small Dogs

Should you go for a collar or a dog harness? If you’re caught in this dilemma, don’t worry. There are actually millions of dog owners who are in the same position as you. The good thing is you will now be enlightened as to why a dog harness is always the perfect choice over the dog collar, especially if you’re taking care of small dogs.

The Huge Disadvantage of Dog Collars

Dog collars are ideal when you’re training the animal for tricks or drills, or when you want to attach a dog tag, which is actually mandatory in some states. However, there’s one huge problem with them: they could potentially harm the delicate necks of small dogs.

Dog collars, specifically the halter types, can be truly uncomfortable for your petite furry friend. As a matter of fact, if they are worn too tight, they will not only hurt the throat, but can also restrict them from breathing properly. Moreover, the more that these small dogs will pull away from you, the more that dog collars will bury deep into their skin. Worse, if a leash is attached to the dog collar and the pet suddenly turns to one side, it could result to a very serious neck injury. Alternatively an accidental jerk on the lead could damage their spine.

Why You Need to Buy a Harness

For health reasons, protection, and comfort, harnesses are always the best choice for your small dogs. First of all, it can relieve your small pet from neck strain, which usually happens whenever he moves or runs around too fast and you’re trying to control him. Since the harness is fitted comfortable around his chest, every time he pulls away, the weight is evenly distributed through out his shoulders. There is no risk of throat injury, and no more of the choking sound.

A harness is also very comfortable to wear, since the materials used are incredibly soft. They don’t cause any chafing or matting in your dogs’ fur. The most popular dog harnesses are made of soft mesh, nylon, or suede. What’s more, they are very easy to clean and are highly durable. They can last for several months or even years.

When it comes to fashion, there are many designs that you can choose for your dog harness. You can also easily adjust the size of the harness the more that your small dog grows big. The belt is highly adjustable, and the buckles are strong and durable.

A good quality dog harness won’t only give you the kind of control you want over your small dog, but will also help you become a better parent to your pet. You can show him that you put great emphasis on his health, comfort, and style.