Dog Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Dashing Ideas For Dog Halloween Costumes

Whether you're looking to parade your dog as the belle of the ball or present them as the gatekeepers of Hades this Halloween, here are ten ideas that might inspire you.

1. Devil Dog – (and I do not mean pointy ears and pitchfork, I mean chocolate cake and filling.)

Dog Halloween Costumes, One Of Our Favorites It Is – Yoda

2. Yoda – I saw this costume on and thought it was hilarious. Tessie and I are avid Star Wars fans and this is rather appropriate.

3. Darth Vader – Well, many households have more than one dog so it's only fitting to dress one as Darth if the other is Yoda.

4. Spider – I did this to Tessie when she was stillger and she chased her "other" four legs for hours. Great family fun for us but she was quite adorable.

5. Santa Claus – A very talented friend of mine created a homemade pet costume of Santa. The kids loved it! Still a great idea to this day.

6. Cat – Oh the irony of it all.

7. Ghost – If you're short on cash, this may be the way to go. What's easier than a sheet with a couple of holes for eyes. You have to have a pretty tolerant pooch though to swing that dog Halloween costume.

8. Mummy – Neighbor of mine two years ago came over a couple days before Halloween and grabbed a huge roll of gauze I had lying around for years. They would not tell me what it was for until his young son and "mummy" dog came knocking on the door for trips. Turned out spectacular.

9. Bowling Ball – I kid you not. I've seen this. Quite cleverly done with the dog's eyes being the finger holes and nose the thumb hole. Pretty funny sight and definitely unique.

10. Clown – Yes folks, it's as creepy on a dog as it is on a human in my opinion. So if you really want to scare the children on Halloween, this dog costume is for you.

So there are just 10 ideas for this year's dog Halloween costumes. Make them or buy them but do it soon as it's almost here.