Dog Halloween Costumes – Pimp Your Pooch

Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore. Nowadays, pets are weighing in on Halloween fun as well. So get into the spirit and discover how you can pimp your pooch with a dog Halloween costume.

While it can be overwhelming enough to search for your own Halloween costume, there is no need to stress out when looking for just the right look for your dog. Below you will find the Hot Seven Dog Halloween Costumes to pimp your pooch. So without further ado, here we go:

Big Doggie (Big Daddy). This is a Halloween costume for a dog with an attitude. The costume consists of a vest style jacket with the leopard skin collar. And no respectable Big Doggie would step out on the doggie park without the matching hat. This costume works well on a dark-muzzled dog to give the illusion of a day old beard.

Playboy Bunny Maid. The Bunny Maid costume will bring out the feminine instincts of your dog and coax out admiring or jealous glances from the other dogs in the neighborhood. And be careful if you see Big Doggie lurking around. The costume includes a black and white dress with the signature Playboy logo. It also has a collar, an apron and a headband.

Dog Vader (Darth Vader). Star Wars fever is alive and well. If you choose this costume, don’t be fooled by your dog’s cute wagging tail. Darth Vader’s force might just actually push your pooch to the dark side. This costume includes the classic helmet, a jumpsuit with attached arms and a cape with a belt. Before you make this selection though, look deep into your dog’s eyes to see if they can take on Darth Vader’s intimidating personality.

Princess Leia. In Star Wars, Princess Leia is a driving force behind the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic and even later, the Galactic Alliance. Dress your pet as the driving force in your life in a charming Princess Leia pet costume. The costume includes a Princess Leia character headpiece/wig and a jumpsuit with attached arms.

The Joker. The Joker dog costume is great for boxers with a propensity for mischief and the boldness to believe they can get away with anything. The costume includes an eye catching dress shirt, vest, tie and pinstriped pants. There is a nutty wig for the full crazy Joker effect.

Indiana Bones (Indiana Jones). If your dog has a suave and charming personality, let the adventure begin…. This dog Halloween costume includes a jumpsuit consisting of classic Indiana Jones attire and the unmistakable fedora hat. In this outfit, your dog will be able to instinctively sniff out, find and dig for hidden treasures.

Prisoner Dog (Bad 2 The Bone). Some dogs just never stop chewing up, hiding or destroying whatever lies in their path. So here’s your chance to get even. Hook your pooch up in a striped prison outfit, complete with a ball and chain! If this doesn’t get them “scared straight” on Halloween, then maybe nothing will.

If your dog is not enthusiastic about the prospect of dressing up for Halloween, consider 1) a pet Halloween costume consisting of a hat/headpiece and neck piece pair; 2) a festive Halloween-themed pet bandanna; or 3) a Halloween-themed collar and leash set.

A dog Halloween costume will make the family wardrobe for Halloween complete. Any choice from the Hot Seven Dog Halloween Costumes above, or an alternative if you pooch doesn’t like clothes, will make for a remarkable Halloween you’ll remember for years to come.