Dog Halloween Costumes Are a Lot of Fun – Here’s How to Make Them a Success!

Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival celebrated on October 31. The festivals would involve bonfires, and children and pets dressed up in scary costumes.

You can have a real good time with your beloved dog on Halloween by dressing him up in a costume for the big day. Dog Halloween costumes get a lot of attention. You can have a all sorts of fun making a costume for your dog and truly enjoy perfecting his look so he can draw admiring glances from all who see him!

Here are some important thing to remember when assembling your dog’s Halloween costume:

1. The costume should be appropriate size-wise, don’t make it too tight or too loose, as this may cause problems. A tight costume can stop circulation around the legs and can cause discomfort, and injury. A loose costume can get pulled off easily, or snag on furniture or jack-o-lanterns. Help your dog get comfortable wearing the costume by taking it on and off a few times, and letting the dog wear it a few times in advance of the “big day.”

2. There must be quite a few openings in the costume. Especially be aware of what will happen when the dog inevitably has to relieve himself.

3. Add a lot of reflective patches to the costumes, just like you do with the kid’s costumes. This is especially important if the dog will be out at night.

4. The costume should not be too warm if it’s warm outside, as dogs can easily overheat quite quickly. Don’t make your dog run around a lot while he’s wearing his costume.

5. Avoid using any small parts that the dog might swallow. Beads can be really dangerous to your dog if he swallows them. If you see your dog is nipping at the costume and it’s starting to come apart, it’s probably not safe for him to wear it.

6. Dogs must be handled and supervised properly, with a leash.

7. Dog should be able to see as well as hear clearly, while in their costume.

Try and follow all the instructions, to make your dog’s Halloween really enjoyable as well as safe.

Here are some great dog costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

You can make your dog wear a head band like bunny ears and a big fuzzy tail to be like a bunny rabbit, reindeer horns are a hit at Christmas time. Deedlie-boppers can complement a lady bug costume – just experiment with fun hats and headbands you find around the house. Novelty hats with fake hair attached can be hilarious, too.

Your dog can dress as the most popular super hero around (or just as Super Pup) with a cape that goes around the dog’s leg and back.

Some people prefer a clown costumes for their dogs on Halloween. You can put a big collar around your dog’s neck, a pair of pants and big shoes on his feet. You can also put a couple of balloons around his collar if they’re out of the way of your dog.

Some people would like make a black cat costumes for their dogs. Then they can accompany other witches and ghouls in the family.

Star Wars costumes can be another good idea for your dog on Halloween. Or just choose the popular “cult classics” of the year for inspiration.

There are so many ideas that you would like to try. Find something that will be easy and fun given what you have on hand or go bargain hunting for good props at your local Good Will or used clothes sales center.