Dog Crates

If your idea of ​​dog crates is the ordinary plain colored plastic boxes or wire cages, then you will be surprised at the variety of dog crates now available for your four-legged friend.

But how important are these dog crates? Dog crates are important because dogs, like humans, have an instinctive need for enclosed space to provide them protection, especially when they do not feel well. When dogs feel tired, lonely, or insecure, they naturally want a den or a safe haven and a comfy space they can call their own. Without their own crate, dogs tend to develop bad habits and exhibit problem behaviors such as excessive chewing, lying on or beside furniture, and clinginess to their owners.

There's good news for dog lovers who want a stylish dog crate that fits the needs of both dog and owner. There are designer dog crates that can fit perfectly in your lifestyle and with your home furnishings.

The crate is a must-have for dogs and can also be used for a variety of purposes. First, it is ideal for housetraining. You can simply take the dog outside after his nap or meal. Avoid playing with your pet until he has done what he is supposed to do. If he has not relieved himself after ten minutes, take him inside the crate. Repeat the routine after ten to fifteen minutes.

Second, crates are important protection from overeager toddlers. Kids need to understand that dogs need some rest. A blanket draped over a wire crate will teach kids that their pet needs to rest.

Third, crates can serve as playpen for puppies when their owners are not at home. A dog inside his crate will not wet the carpet or chew the furniture while you're gone.

Fourth, crates can serve as sanctuary for an overexcited puppy. You need not let you pet dog terrorize the whole household, and do not feel guilty that you are restricting his freedom. Sending the pup to his crate is like sending a child to his room. The dog will know that you are angry and he will feel comfortable inside the cage whole you collect your thoughts.