Dog Crates – A Dog Owning Essential

Every dog ​​needs a room of their own to relax and feel secure in. Most often this is a dog crate or kennel. Usually made of metal, wire or plastic it is important to have one that fits your dog.

You want a crate that is large enough so they do not have to duck their head when entering and they can turn themselves around in. Anything bigger and they make a mess relieving themselves in one corner and sleeping in the other. It is possible to get a large one and with dividers and let it grow with your pup.

Now you may think putting your dog in a crate is inhumane and may cause your new furry friend to resent you, but that is simply not the case. Your dog will see the crate as his own room, his security blanket. The crate helps to satisfy the "den instinct" inherited from his den-dwelling ancestors and relatives. Once accustomed to the crate your buddy will feel secure, not frustrated. After all he wants to make you happy and you want to have fun with him.

Besides being a secure place for your dog to rest, these are a great tool for housebreaking. The close confinement will encourage your pup to wait to go until they are taken outside because dogs naturally avoid soiling their den.

They also have many other advantages. You can leave your dog alone and not worry about him destroying things or relieving himself in the house. You can travel in the car safely without worrying about how you are going to get him out from under the seat when you stop. Your pup will have a safe and secure place to go when he is stressed or wants to relax. And because of this security you will be able to take your pooch with you more often for overnight stays rather than leaving him home alone. A dog crate is an essential once you decide to become a dog owner.

Dog crates can be purchased at pet stores, discount department stores and even online. Again it is important to get the right size for your dog to be comfortable. You can place a crate pad or old blanket on the floor of it for bedding. Depending on size and material a new crate may cost anywhere between $ 40- $ 400 dollars which is a bargain when you consider the cost of replacing furniture, woodwork and carpeting that would otherwise be destroyed.

Once you purchase a dog crate for your pup it is necessary to place it in the right place to encourage your dog to use it. These are social animals so put it in the room where everyone is the most. In the living room it can even be uses as an extra end table or shelf. At night you can move the crate into your bedroom so you can hear if they have to go out during the night. If you are worried about it being an eyesore do not worry because they are available in materials and styles to look more like furniture. Guests will not even know that new wood end table is really a dog crate. Make your dog and yourself happy with one in your home.