Dog Crate – Why is it Necessary For a Dog, Especially Puppy?

I want to start my article with one vocabulary question – When you were raising your children, did you use a playpen? I think that almost all answer will be YES. What I want to let you know here is that a crate for a puppy is like a playpen for a child. Moreover, the dog's ancient is the wolf, and they used to live in the cave, so the crate for the dogs reminds them of the cave of the wolf, a place that make them feel comfortable, safe, securable, and warm. And just like babies, puppies sleep most of the day, and they prefer the comfort of their den.

Below you can see some of many advantages of a crate for you dog

1. A create is a very good babysitter for your dog. Sometimes you are busy and do not have time to pay attention on your dog, but want to make sure he is still safe, you only need to put him in his crate. In that way, both you and your dog can relax.

2. When you get a puppy, maybe you will need to housetrain him, and make him familiar with a crate soon will be ideal for housetraining.

3. A crate is especially helpful when you have to keep your dog quiet, especially after being altered, or after an injury.

4. During a dog's lifetime, he maybe has to go to hospital when he is sick. And the dog's private room at veterinary hospital will have the crate. If your dog is not familiar with the crate before, maybe he will get stress when he's in the hospital crate alone, and of course it is not good for your dog.

5. One of the funniest things when we have a dog is taking him out on vacation with our family. And the dog crate probably very important in this case. It will protect your dog from accident, such as a suddenly stop on the way. Moreover, his crate is his home away from home, and we can leave him in a hotel room, and we can be sure that he will not be happy or stressed.

To summary, a crate provides a dog with his own place. It's secure, cozy and his place to go to get away from it all. Make sure your dog's crate is available to him when he wants to sleep or to take some rest. Because the crate is his house, so please make sure he always has access to it. Depend on where he is, your dog will spend much of his rest time in his crate.