Dog Crate Training

If you are like most dog owners, you know that traditional dog crates are too unattractive to be used as a home fixture. Most people buy an ordinary dog ​​crate for training. But once the dog is properly trained, many people tend to quickly get rid of the dog crate.

After the dog is housebroken, leave the crate open the whole day. Notice that the pup will take his nap inside the crate by choice. When you have to leave the house, you may place the dog inside the crate. This will not pose any problem as long as you do not leave puppies or young dogs alone for long periods of time. It is important to give them plenty of things to do while at home that serve as their exercise regime. Some people think that confining their dogs inside an enclosed space is cruel. People do not want to be inside a small space where they can not even move. It is important to remember that dogs are not like people. Their wolf ancestors find shelter, comfort, and safety in their dens. Modern dogs also find solace and safety inside their own crates.

The domestic dog or canis familiaris descended from canis lupus, more commonly known as the wolf. Thousand of years ago, wolves hung around caves, stealing food from man. Submissive wolves may have left their dens to put up residence among humans. In return for watching over their residences and assets, these wolves probably received food and shelter from their masters. These wolves wave birth to the domestic dogs of various shapes and sizes that further evolved into various breeds created for specific purposes.

All puppies, like their wolf ancestors, need a den. Pianos and tables are comfortable dens but furniture does not have closed spaces. Laundry rooms, spare rooms, or bathrooms are too big for puppies. There's enough room in these places for the pup to make a mess in one area and still have enough room to play or sleep. In the wolf den, the mother wolf cleans after the offspring until such time that they are ready to do things on their own. The cubs then learn that the den should be kept clean and that it is a safe and comfortable place.

It is important for dogs to be trained to use the crate to save time and effort in cleaning up after their messes.