Dog Crate – This is Why You Need One

If you have a dog in your house, you may let him or her run all over the house. After all, they are a member of the family, right? They deserve to be able to dash all over the house. Yes and no.

While it's great to have a pet that you think is a great part of the family, you need to remember where your dogs come from and how giving them a whole house may be a bit much for them to take in.

Dogs, by nature, are wild animals that live in a den. Usually a den is a small space where animals curl up tight to make room for others. Have you ever noticed how your dog curls up in a ball to sleep? That is because this is that instinct kicking in.

So, where do you give your dog to sleep? The whole house? This is far too large for a den. Instead, you need to offer your pet a smaller space to use as a sleeping area. While your dog may find a space in your home to sleep, such as under a chair or bed or in a cubby hole, you really should give them a space to call their own that is their safe spot or den.

This is when most people look to a dog crate or kennel. A crate is essentially a cage that is small enough to become a den for your dog. By putting a blanket and some of your pet's toys in this space, he will come to know and love it as his own area to live. This will also become his safe space, an area he knows he can go and be safe if he is scared or feels sick.

It is wise to put your dog in a dog crate at night and lock it up for him to sleep. This is especially important if your dog has bad habits like chewing on things. When the whole house is quiet and dark, your dog can become stressed and if he is loose in the house he could get into trouble.

Many people also use a dog crate as a space to keep their dog when they are gone from home during the day. Since dogs do not soil the space where they are going to sleep they will wait until you return and let them out to go to the bathroom. With this said, it is important that you not remain gone too long. Asking your dog to hold it too long is not safe and can lead to a number of health conditions.

Extra Benefits

Once you have taught your dog that a dog crate is a safe spot to be in and they have come to love this space, it will make it easier to travel with your pet. By putting the dog crate in the car when it's time to take a trip, your dog will still feel safe and be less threatened by the ride ahead.