Dog Costumes – Helping Your Dog Look His Best on Any Occasion

You can find some really charming costumes for your dog that will draw the attention of any onlooker. Some dog costumes are primarily for Halloween, Parades and Costume parties, but you can also find dog costumes for special events like Christmas parties, weddings, birthday parties and so on. Dressing up your dog for a party is really entertaining and an easy way to make a party more fun and interesting.

Finding a great dog costume is easy, thanks to the internet. You can buy complete dog costumes online, or just a hat, mask, sunglasses, bells for their feet and ribbons for their hair, and assemble your own. Always go for a comfortable costume, that will not make your dog go cranky or have him working hard to get it off. It's a good idea to let your dog wear the costume several times in advance of the big day. If you can play with him or engage him in something fun, he will quickly forget he's wearing it.

Here Are Some Fun Dog Costume Ideas You Probably Have not Thought Of

1. Why not try a Dog Pirate Costume? It will look so cute on your dog.

2. Lobster Dog Costumes also look very cute on many dogs.

3. Sometimes, a flower frock for Easter can be a great idea too. Dog dresses suit many occasions and can be made to order for around $ 30.

4. A Frenchman's costume looks amazing on a French bulldog, with different jaunty beret and horizontally-striped shirts.

5. Bumble Bee Dog Costume is another really cute option.

6. Some people would already think of their female dogs as princesses and a Princess Dog Costume is just perfect.

7. A Tuxedo Costume for your dog is good choice for a wedding. It can be worn and modified for many other occasions, too.

8. Pet Pajamas are great for your short haired dog. They will help keep him warm at night, and can be a cute costume with a few curlers added and painted toenails. Slumber party anyone?

Other great dog costume ideas include: being a witch, superhero, groom, clown, goblin, pumpkin, scarecrow, bride, or fire fighter. There are also a lot of "current" costumes (like Harry Potter themed dog costumes) that are tied in with recent movies, books or other events in pop culture.