Dog Costumes – Dressing Up Your Pet For the Holidays

Remember last Christmas when you and your dog were invited by the people next door for a Christmas party?  You probably were all excited and planned what to wear days in advance.  Did you even think about what your dog or your cat would wear?

Dressing up your dog in costumes is an enjoyable bonding activity between you and your pet.  It is now very convenient to find dog costumes online.  So even if you do not live near a pet store that sells these cute costumes, you and your pet do not have to be left out.  What’s more, many online stores have a veritable and extensive collection of costumes available for any occasion.  From elves and Santa outfits for Christmas, to skeletons, pumpkins, and witches’ get up for Halloween.  How about dressing your dog up in red hearts for Valentines?  That’s not all, with the current crop of creative costumes, you are sure to have a hard time deciding on just one costume since you can have your pick from different types of costumes: comic book heroes, classic archetypes, movie characters, you name it.  There are also costumes that allow your dog to “cross-dress”:  How about costumes that make your dog look like a cat or an elephant?

Furthermore, if you cannot find a good ready-to-wear costume, there are also stores that customize pet costumes when you order. You can have your dog become the headless Dutchman on Halloween, scaring the youngsters who come trick or treating at your door.

More than a bonding activity, having your dog dress up for the holidays also adds to the prevailing festive spirit.  Not only do you show up in line with the theme of the occasion, you are also including your beloved pet in the festivities.

So, how to pull off this special dress up day for your dogs?  Well for starters, prepare even before you order!  This means that you should take measurements of your pet’s body to make sure that you get the right size for your pet!  Measure these three areas: around the neck, across the back and around the body.  When you place an order, make sure to include these measurements so that the seller would know for sure just what size your dog is.

When the costumes arrive, have your dog wear them immediately.  This would give them a certain sense of familiarity with the costume, especially if they are not used to wearing clothes.  You will notice that they will freeze in place but in time, they will start moving around normally.

Make sure, however, that they do not get the costumes dirty.

Dog costumes add zest and zing to the occasion and provide a great opportunity to show off your beloved pets.  Have fun choosing!