Dog Costumes and Dog Boots – Staying Safe and Warm for the Holidays

It won’t be long before autumn rolls around and owners will be shopping for things like dog clothes and dog boots for winter and dog costumes for the holidays. Halloween is a big chance to have a lot of fun with your pet dressing up. Most dogs and even some cats and other pets will love the attention they get in an outfit, and will also love how much better their paws feel on dangerous ground. Usually, the pads on animals’ feet are enough to protect them, but because of human actions like pouring salt or other chemicals in the grass and on the pavement, sometimes our pets need extra protection. This can even be true in the spring and summer, with pesticides being sprayed everywhere. Two big reasons that costumes and booties are so useful during the cold holidays are warmth and road safety while out on a walk.

Dogs do have a natural coat, and this is normally enough to protect them, but many breeds, especially the short-haired and tiny ones, need something to help keep in heat when the temperature drops into the 30’s and 40’s. Domestic dogs are not like their wild relatives that still have adaptations to survive cold weather. Some breeds, like the Husky or German Shepard, do have many of them, but even these canines need some protection in the most extreme cases. Many small dog costumes are warm and thick enough to keep a trick or treating pooch comfy while he’s out, so it’s an added bonus to the pet parent. Jut make sure that the clothing is made of warm material before buying, since a costume can also be made out of thin polyester. If your dog is going to be at an indoor party, a thin costume is actually desirable, so that he won’t overheat.

Dog boots are becoming a widely used item since there is a growing need for them. Now, even the dogs that race the Iditarod in Alaska each year are outfitted with them for a better performance. Your little canine may not be a racer, but he definitely needs the protection from any harmful substances on the ground, and he can be seen easier by cars at night if the boots have reflective strips on them, which many do.