Dog Collar Or Dog Harness?

In most cities it is illegal to walk your dog if it is not on a leash. Since you can not attach a leash to the dogs skin, you are going to have to buy your dog a harness or a collar. The question though becomes which should you buy? There is not much guidance on the internet for this question, so this article is here to help you pick one.

The reality is there is no simple answer. I can not tell you to go out and definitely get a dog harness, or definitely get a dog collar. It honestly depends on your situation and, more importantly, your dog. The factors to consider are your dogs health and their current training. If you do not take these factors into consideration before making your purchase, you could end up permanently damaging your dogs neck. Below I have listed some tips on what you need to know before to decide which to buy. So then, which is better, a collar or a harness?

The first thing to consider is if your dog has been diagnosed with some form of respiratory problems. Under these circumstances, they should not wear a collar when you take them for a walk. This is very important. A dog collar could possibly place too much pressure on your dogs airways in their throats and damage them. Instead, your dog should wear a harness.

The next thing to consider is your dogs height and size. Small dogs such as Yorkies, Chihuahuas and Pomeranians all have small, delicate necks. To protect their necks you should put them into a harness. If they have a dog collar along along with a leash, the strain of being dropped could damage their frail necks.

The next thing to consider is how your dog has reacted to a dog collar in the past. If your dog pulls on its collar a lot, look carefully at how this effects it. If it coughs and wheezes or looks hurt, consider getting a harness. If your dog is pulling a lot on the collar and this is hurting it, then you need a harness. Unfortunately, harnesses will encourage pulling on the leash. However in this situation, if your dogs health is at risk, it is worth it to get a harness.

With a wide range of collars, materials and designs to choose from, a dog harness can be a great option for your dog.