Dog Clothes as Dog Costumes – Creative Tips To Save Money

Every year when Halloween rolls around, one of the most enjoyable sights is seeing dogs, cats and other pets dressed up in a costume. Dog costumes have become a very popular item for man's best friend over the past few years, but that has had a few negative side effects. Some companies are going to try and cash in by overcharging for simple canine Halloween outfits that are not even that special to begin with. There are many stores that offer great costumes at low prices, though, so it's not impossible to find a good deal for your spooky hound. That being said, some owners like to design and make their own costumes, and this can work very well. Of course, it can be a disaster, too if you're not careful, so listen to these few tips on putting together an adorable outfit at below budget cost.

There are many creative possibilities for a pet parent to make a fun and adorable Halloween costume perfect for trick-or-treating or a party. As I said before, it is possible to get a wide variety of character costumes like pirate pooch or cowboy canine at a low price, but you can make a unique outfit of your own with some regular dog apparel and a few items from around the house . For example, if you want to make your little furry one a jogger for Halloween, then all you need are some sporty looking dog boots and a hooded sweater. Look around the house to see if you can find some small hair bands to put on your pooch's arm as an exercise arm band. You could even make your own canine superhero outfit. All you need are some regular dog booties and a small cloth or blanket to make a cape. If all else fails, you can get some temporary hair paint that is used on kids and paint your dog's coat. It's washable and non-toxic, so it's a great, cheap way to join your hound into the festivals.