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How to Turn Down Your Kid’s Request for A Pet

Children will after some time ask to keep a pet. Should you be prepared for one, then you as a family shall be happy. However, if you are not, it shall be tricky turning them down. Your reasons against getting one immediately will go a long way in reassuring them and setting up for a future acquisition.

Turning them down has to be logical
A simple response of no to their query will be met with protests, making all of you frustrated as they shall keep pestering you. You’ll only end the argument by showing logic in your explanation. An impending family trip, or relocation, will make them see reason and agree to wait a bit longer. There is a chance they may not let the matter rest but come up with more reasons. With time, they know exactly what to say to get you to comply. Brace yourself.

Present in great detail, the activities one undertakes in pet care.
Kids think that since it was easy to have and keep their stuffed dolls, it will be the same with live animals. When they are shown the kind of work they will have to do and the stress that goes with it, they are likely to tell you to put off the purchase. In your discussion, make a list with them of the pet care activities and processes, ask them to show you which they can already do, and as you keep going, their initial enthusiasm will start to wane, especially in the less glamorous parts such as cleaning up poop or treating flea infestations. That should make them think otherwise concerning keeping a pet.

Older kids should be able to handle the truth
Older kids can delay their gratification better than young ones. It may be that you cannot afford one for now, or they may not be around much longer to take care of them as they are heading out to college in a few months, and you are already too busy to assume their responsibilities.

Propose a different project
To satisfy their need for an activity, replace pet keeping with another appropriate project. Ease them into their future roles of pet owners by having them offer to take care of a neighbor’s pet, or working down at the pet shop or animal shelter. They could make some money by walking the dogs of busy people in your neighborhood. This money could go towards purchasing their own, after they have gained enough experience.

Before deciding, find out what it will mean to own a pet, both for your kids and for you as parents, especially what the experience will teach the kids, then give them your answer to their request. Getting a pet may end up being a great thing for your family. However you decide you need to be prepared before discussing with your children.