Designer Dog Harnesses

Perhaps you know that dog harnesses are way better choices than dog collars, especially if you're talking about neck protection and comfort for your small dogs. The question now is this: do you really have to stick with the plain, old ones? Definitely not. You can still offer comfort and safety to your beloved pet, while adding style and even fashion. This is where designer dog harnesses come in.

Defining Designer Dog Harnesses

Designer dog harnesses can be customized or not. The one distinction is that they do not look anything close to being ordinary. They stand out based on the materials used, the prints they have, the fit they give to your small pooch, or even by the overall design they possess. Designer dog harnesses are excellent if you want to make your dog look more attractive and in style.

The Choices You Have for Designer Dog Harnesses

When it comes to designer dog harnesses, there is a huge range you can choose from. Some of the best styles and designs can include the following:

1. Lattice harnesses. Allow your small dog to wear the typical English look, with a lattice harness. It can come in different shades, but usually, it features checkered print in two shades. You can stick with the classic black and white, or you can be eccentric, by going for wilder shades.

2. Sporty harnesses. Does your dog love to watch baseball or basketball with you? Is he your perfect companion as you jog around parks? Then why do not you dress him up with any of the sporty harnesses that are new to the market. Since you can already picture your puppy to be living a very active lifestyle like you, you can choose a designer dog harness that is made of semi-stretchable material and very flexible material.

3. Floral harnesses. What better way to turn your female puppy into a grown "lady" than giving her a floral harness. There are different kinds of floral prints that you can pick. There are also a variety of colors, so you can have one design for every day. Surely, she'll feel glamorous yet dainty each time you venture outdoors.

4. Dotted harnesses. This is an ultra-classic style, which will never go out of fashion. They are still beautiful but are not too flashy, just enough to capture the attention of passersby and even of your dog.

Choosing the Best Designer Dog Harness

Fitting for dog harnesses is more challenging since there is no one universal style available. You have to actually bring your dog to the store and allow him to step into the dog harness. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can always ask help from the store staff. If you're planning to order a dog harness online, you may want to take the measurements on your own.

Most of all, ensure that you do not lose the usual and essential components of the dog harness, such as chest and neck support, easy-to-snap buckles, and adjustable chest belts.