Circumstances that Can Lead to Equine Losses


As a farm or ranch owner, you cannot foresee every circumstance that can cause you to lose money. Even if you have protective fences around your property and take the best care of your horses, you still might experience a disaster during which one or several of your horses may become injured or die.

Because a significant portion of your wealth might be linked to your livestock, you may want to ensure that you can recoup much or all of your losses during such circumstances. With an umbrella policy, property coverage, and horse business liability insurance , horse owners like you take the necessary steps to safeguard your equine investments.

Learning More about Qualifying Events

When you invest in one of these policies, you might wonder in what circumstances you can make a claim against or cash in the insurance. The website is designed to show you during what events these policies come in useful.

For example, if a horse is stolen off your property, you could lose thousands of dollars of revenue to your farm or ranch. You can invest in a policy that will pay out during instances of theft if the horse is not recovered. You may recoup much or all of what the horse is worth.

Likewise, if a horse succumbs to an illness or injury, you could have the losses covered by the policy written just for these circumstances. You could get money back that you paid out-of-pocket for vet bills and removal of the carcass. The policy can be written specifically to protect your equine investments against injuries and illnesses that are common for the age or breed of the horses.

Getting More Details

If you are interested in investing in this type of insurance for your horses, you may wonder what it will cost you in premiums and other expenses. You can use the contact information on the website to request a quote for a new policy. The agent can create a policy just for you and your horses, allowing you to get tailored coverage that will protect your agricultural income.