Choosing the Right Dog Crate For Your Dog

There are many options available to you when looking for a dog crate. Of course you want the highest quality but at the cheapest price. There are many pros and cons when choosing a dog crate so it's best to have a bit of information before you get started.

Many dog ​​crates have an epoxy coating on them. When new they look great but after just a few uses they can begin to chip and flake. Epoxy coated crates can start to look a bit raggedy after just a few uses. Why spend money on something that's going to look pretty rough after just a few uses?

Another thing to look out for when buying a dog crate are the plastic bases that some manufacturers use inside the crates. These often crack or split or a nervous dog may even chew them up. There is no real benefit to the plastic base except to save the company that made it a little money.

Next, there are the chrome cages. Like the epoxy coated crates, they look great at first but then begin to chip and flake. These can also be a danger to your pet if your dog ingest any of the flaking material.

The best material to choose when picking a dog crate is galvanized metal. The galvanized crates each have a long-lasting, no rust finish. Most have a heavy gauge mesh frame and tamper resistant locks. Also no plastic base is used. Most galvanized dog crates have metal trains that do not split or crack and can not be chewed by your dog.