Choosing a Dog Collar

The use of dog collars is not purely for aesthetic reasons, as some may be under the impression of, since there are so many fashionable kinds available nowdays. The primary purpose of such a dog collar is to make its canine wearer easier to identify in case of loss. This is the most practical function of the dog collar, where the owner's name, address, and even the phone number is usually etched at the back of the tag of the dog collar. This way, the dog can be returned to its rightful owner when it's lost.

The evolution of the dog collar may have changed the concept of what a dog collar really is. Regardless, for the purpose which it is used, there are a few things that must be considered when choosing the most suitable collar for your beloved pet.

Choosing a dog collar

First, the collar must be the right size and must fit your dog's neck quite comfortably. Before trying out a collar on your dog, measure the circumference of your dog's neck then choose the appropriate length of collar. When the collar has been set in place, do a simple test to measure the suitability of its size.

If you can insert two fingers under the collar, without having too much excess permission then you know that the collar fits just right. However, be sure that the permission is not more than two fingers because this means that the dog collar is too loose on your dog. Having an extremely loose collar can compromise your dog's safety. The too-loose dog collar may get caught on something and be a cause of injury to your dog. In addition, if you can not fit in two fingers under the collar, then it is definitely too tight for your dog. Your dog needs room to breathe, and the collar should not in any way cause your pet any discomfort.

Second, consider the style of collar you want to purchase. Traditional types are made of leather or nylon. There are also types which are most suitable for specific needs or purposes such as training on your dog. If such is the case, a chain-slip collar may be most appropriate, especially if your dog is stubborn. At this stage, it is important to consider the function of the collar and what type of dog it will be used on.

If you have a small dog, then adjust the material and the collar width of your choice according to your pet's type and size. A big dog may need a sturdier collar especially if it will be used for walking or exercising your pet.

Fashionable dog collars

Since dogs are now pretty much in fashion, a number of dog collars and products are appearing in the market often engaging matching the look of the owner and that of his / her dogs'. If fashion and aesthetics are the main qualities considered for a dog collar, be sure that it still fits properly and has a design that does not bring about any discomfort to your dog. Ideally, fashion should be the least considered when picking out the best collar for your adorable best friend.