Child's Halloween Cat Costume Idea and Face Paint Recipe

What will you dress your small child as this Halloween? If your little kid is over three years old, then you may be racking your brain to come up with another clever Halloween costume idea. Rather than struggling with sewing an elaborate costume to match the newest preschool fad, how about creating a charming yet simple and traditional costume? People will go 'awww how cute' when they see your little sweetie decked out in our 'Easy Child's Cat Costume' idea. Make the effect even more adorable with the appropriate face paint as well. Do not spend a fortune on face paint when you can use our 'Easy Halloween Face Paint' recipe to doll up your darling this Halloween.

Keep your child safe this Halloween by avoiding using face masks that can hinder your child's vision and potentially cause an accident. Read on below to get started planning your kid's easy cat costume and face paint.

Easy Child's Halloween Cat Costume Idea

Piece of Cardboard for cat ears

Felt that matches your leggings and turtleneck

Plastic headband

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Long piece of fabric or felt to make a tail

Large safety pins

Dark turtleneck

Dark leggings

Large sweatshirt (optional)

Fabric paint or fabric pens (optional)

Draw triangle shapes about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide on the cardboard. Cut out the ears. Cover with felt using hot glue. If you use dark brown or black as your turtleneck and legging color then you can use a basic tortoiseshell or black headband. If not, then cover the headband with the same color felt as your cat ears. Glue the ears to the headband. You can easily make a cat tail by using a long piece of fabric rolled into a long tube and filled with stuffing and then hot glued at the seam. You can pin the tail on the legging seat or attach with Velcro for safety.

You can either make your cat a 'skinny' kitty with just the turtleneck and leggings, or you can add a sweatshirt in an accent color to give some added depth and warmth to the costume and your child while outside. A cute idea if using a sweatshirt is to take some fabric paints or paint pens and write cute little sayings on the shirt in whimsical lettering. Write things like 'meeoow' or 'Happy Meow-o-leen' etc. You can also draw little mouse shapes and cat paw prints. Finish your child's easy cat costume by painting a simple cat face on your child's face. Use our face paint recipe to create a cat nose, mouth outline and whiskers. If you want you can cover your child's face with a light base coat and then paint the details on. Have a medium and a small liner paint brush for different size details.

Easy Halloween Face Paint Recipe

1/2 tsp cold cream

1/2 cup

1/2 tsp water

Different colors of food coloring

Mix cornstarch, cold cream, water, and enough drops of food coloring to make the color vivid in a cup. If you're making several different colors then have more cups available. Stir well and add more cornstarch if too runny.