How To Make A Dog Costume

Our pets are so much so part of the family, that more and more of us are including them in all our holiday rituals, including dressing them up for the occasion! If you are looking for some really cute, funny, and even scary dog costumes or perhaps need some inspiration on how to dress up your family dog, this article is for you.

While there are lots of on-line shops to buy your dog a great costume, making one from scratch can be both rewarding and a fun project to do with the kids. Here are some different dog costumes you can make with very little money and lots of creativity.

5 easy homemade dog costumes:

  1. Embellish an old dog shirt, sweater, or jacket. Most of us who own a dog, at some point and time bought them a dog sweater, dog shirt or dog jacket, I’m sure. Well you can use it to make a great dog costume. Just embellish it however you want. Be creative and come up with a really fun costume. This is a super easy way to let the kids use their imaginations and design something really special for Fido.
  2. Use a pillow case or sheet to make a ghost costume for your dog just in time for Halloween. Just cut out holes for the eyes. Or you can add strips of black electrical tape to it and make your dog a prisoner outfit.
  3. Another popular dog costume is the cowboy. You can quickly turn your pup into a cowboy with a bandana and a black felt doll hat that you can buy at any craft sore.
  4. Baby bibs are another great way to make a fun dog costume. Baby bibs come in so many different themes for all holidays and they are the perfect size for a small or medium-sized dog.
  5. You can also make a pet costume by recycling the materials from an old child’s costume. If you don’t have an old costume check out the local thrift store to buy one for cheap.

It really is easy to make you dog a really great costume. So give it try this weekend. You are only limited by your imagination.…

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Games You Can Play at a Stuffed Animal Party

For my soon to turn 6 year olds birthday this year, she decided that she wanted to have a stuffed animal party. A stuffed animal party basically means that all the little girls invited will bring their favorite plush toy so that they can all play with them together. This is a great theme, but in order to keep the young ones attention, I knew I would have to be very inventive when it comes to creating games in order to keep everyone happy.

We had ten girls invited as guests, and I knew that with those kinds of numbers it was quite possible that someone would forget their plush toy at home. So that is why I decided to have a couple extra stuffed animals and teddy bears on hand. And sure enough two girls forgot their toy. One of the girl's forget her favorite teddy bear in her mom's car, and the other had just lost her favorite plush dog at school. Luckily, my extras managed to head off the tears at the pass, and then we could get to the games. Here are some of the games we played, and hopefully they'll be able to help you if you want to create your own stuffed animal party.

The Stuffed Animals Treasure Hunt

This one I had to think ahead for, as before the party started I hid a teddy bear somewhere in our house. I then used post-it notes to write down some clues. The first post-it note I gave to my daughter's plush dog, Fluffy. This clue would lead them to the next and so on, until they (and their companion stuffed animals) finally found the teddy bear. But the game did not end there. The teddy bear itself contained another clue. You see, I had gotten some teddy bear cookies (to continue the theme) and hidden them also. This was a great game and all of the girls had a lot of fun.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

While not as inventive as the treasure hunt, this variation of pin the tail is a classic for a reason. My daughter had a big stuffed bunny she had gotten for Easter. Realizing this would be perfect, I turned the bunny around so it's back was to the girls, and made a tail out of Velcro and some bandannas. That way, the girl's could be blindfolded, and who ever got the tail in the right place would stick with the Velcro. We played in teams, and the team that won (by pinning the tail the most times) would have got to be the first to take a picture in the bunny's lap. This kept the girl's busy, and the prize was benign enough that we did not have any jealousy issues.

Stuffed Animals Fairy Tale

After stuffed animal crackers and cake, we had time for one last game. We turned their plush toys, every plush dog, stuffed cat, stuffed raccoon and teddy bear, into a character …

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My Pillow Pets – A Welcome Christmas Toy for Your Three Year Old?

Are you looking to welcome another toy into your house this Christmas? After all, the toy box is full and the bed is covered with all kinds of stuffed animals. So why do you need another one?

Maybe a better question to ask would be: Are there practical toys that will please my child and be easier to take care of?

Do your toddlers leave their toys all over the house – in the living room, the den, the kitchen? Many moms get worn out picking up after a busy three year old who goes from on activity to another. Then, your little girl crashes and falls sleep right on the floor. Or your little man of the house, who has been fighting a nap all afternoon is ready to conk out.

Imagine that same child playing with a large, soft, stuffed animal friend – a dog, panda, unicorn or any of 30 other styles – starting to yawn, then picking it up and heading to bed for a nap. That is the beauty of a My Pillow Pet toy. It's a pet. It's a pillow. It's a pillow pet.

My Pillow pets are an ingenious toy, developed by a mom with toddlers. This stuffed animal acts like a warm, soft, pet that becomes a special friend for your child. Then, with a quick release of a Velcro strap. a pillow unfolds that your child can rest her beautiful curls on; a soft cushion for your boy as he naps with sweet dreams. The smart design includes a flap that fits over the Velcro, so it will not irritate your child when the strap is undone.

For example, a child who owns the Snuggly Puppy stuffed dog pillow can love having a cute dog, cuddle it, play with it, and then take it to bed. Who can do this with a real dog, anyway? Moms have one less toy to pick up, too.

Pillow Pets are made of chenille, a plush and durable fabric that is very soft. These toys come in near 30 different animal forms, so that your child can choose one that she likes for her own personal pet. Patterns include a cow with black-and-white fluffy looking patches, a lady bug with a red nose and black antennae, and many more.

Each pillow has a cute, special name, such as 'Sir Horse,' 'Patriotic Pup,' 'Cowardly Lion,' or 'Zippity Zebra'. Any child can create a bond and make a friend for life with one of these great, soft, and practical pillows.

Pillow Pets are useful around your home, and even more so when you travel. In long car rides during a family trip or when visiting grandparents, these fluffy and cuddly companions keep kids company. These durable pillows can pass through security systems at an airport as a carry on item. Your child will have a comfortable head rest on a long flight. Think of how your child will be guided to bring her new friend along when …

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4 Aspects of Proper Pet Care

Being a pet owner is one of the most exciting and fun experience one person can have. Studies even show that owning a pet provides great health benefits. People have different reasons why they want to have the most domesticated animals like a dog or a cat. Most seek the loyal companionship, active playfulness, great comfort or unparallel joy that they give. To reciprocate all these pleasant things that a pet brings, owners must ensure that they are also able to provide for the various needs of their dogs and cats. There is more to their basic needs. They also need love and affection.

There are 4 important aspects that every owner must look at to ensure proper pet care. These requirements can be highly supported by pet products specifically made for them.

Pet Grooming

What's the first thing people notice in a pet? Of course, it's the look.
Every pet must have proper grooming. Good hygiene must be observed. Regular bathing, clean paws or short claws, and well-combed smooth fur are the most common practices of keeping pets clean and pleasant. Dogs are usually taken to groomers for professional service, but for those who are not willing to spend, dog grooming supplies are available. Why not design a personalized groom shop right inside the house? Get a dog tub, dog shampoos and conditioners, paw-dicure set, etc.

Pet Health

Most pet owners focus on maintaining or improving their pet's health. Providing nutritious food and complete pet supplements are the usual ways to achieve it. There are a number of food brands containing various minerals, same as the numerous pet meds with different vitamins.

Some pet accessories today have also been designed to benefit pet health. Injured pets can get a lift from pet strollers. Old and arthritic dogs can be relieved of sore joints inside an orthopedic heated dog beds, and as for cats, there are thermo heated cat sills and mats.

Pet Training

Dogs and cats are two of the most easily trained animals. Some owners even take training very seriously. Some take their pets to training schools, while others do the training themselves. For pet owners who do not have much time, they usually seek training aids. Petsafe is one of the most reliable names when it comes to dog training collars. Safe and effective, dogs can learn quickly without too much hassle for their owners.

A well-behaved and obedient dog is the result of using a Petsafe dog training collar backed by proper training techniques. Other training aids also include shock collars, bark collars, and beeper collars.

Pet Safety

Another important priority for every owner should be pet safety. Pet owners want to be sure that their favorite four-legged friends are away from harm.
Having a reliable pet containment is the easiest way to keep pets secured.

There are numerous fencing products that can safeguard pets. The wireless dog fence, Petsafe dog containment is one of the top selling dog fence today. Working on wi-fi technology, protecting …

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What's Included in Your Citronella Dog Collar Kit?

Part of a dog's instinct is to bark; they were naturally gifted to do so – it is in a way, their form of speech when they are alerted to a threat or something which is new to them. While barking is acceptable to some owners, others find this to be irksome and disruptive; especially when they have a baby in the house or perhaps someone who works at home and needs peace and quiet – not to mention neighbors who start complaining on the first sign of disturbance. This is why the Citronella Dog Collar has become a popular item when it comes to the field of barking control training as it is humane, safe and effective. Citronella is non-toxic and will not harm the dog in any way; it is activated when the equipped microphone detects the dog's bark. This product has become easily available in specialty pet stores and online.

The MultiVet No Bark Spray Collar and the Premier Gentle Spray Anti Bark Collar are the top two popular brands, and to be honest there's not a lot of difference between the two. These collars come in a kit when initially purchased. The kit contains a comfortable nylon collar which is adjustable so any sized dog can use it. The kit also includes the actual device, a spray canister, a battery, user manual, warranty and in some cases, a training CD. Should the citronella canister run out, there are replacements available; the most common brands are MultiVet, Premier, Dynavet, ABS, PetSafe and Aboistop. If you're planning on using the citronella bark collar, I'd suggest buying a replacement of replacement canisters and replacement batteries at the same time.

This product is also available as a remote controlled device which uses a 6 volt battery. Using the remote controlled collar, a trainer or owner can voluntarily trigger the spray as needed. Remote controls typically have a 250 foot proximal to ensure that whenever the owner is within distance of their dogs, they can easily activate the spray while supervising their pet's activities and continuing on their daily routines. The sizes of these collars are not really a point of concern; although some brands fit most dog sizes, they can not attest to its fitting capacity on large dogs. However, some brands come with extra long straps which can be trimmed and sealed off as soon as the ideal length or fit has been reached. You can have peace of mind when you use the Citronella Dog Collar as it is safe, effective and humane in every single way. …

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Tips For Choosing A Dog Containment System

Summer is on its way, and you and your dog will be spending a lot more time outdoors. With warm weather enticing your dog to roam and explore, you might be wondering just how "dog-proof" your yard really is.

You still have not gotten around to putting in that fence, like you meant to do over the winter. Or if you do have a fence, you also have cringe-worthy memories of barely staying one step ahead of your dog's efforts to dig under or jump over the fence.

An electronic dog containment system could be just what you need. These systems offer a way to psychologically train your dog to remain in your yard.

Although most dog containment systems work the same way (you bury a boundary wire around your property, and your dog receives a static correction via a collar receiver when it gets too close to it), many of the systems have features that make them more suited for specific situations. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you choose the best dog containment system for you and your dog.

How big is your dog?

Your dog's size will play a definite part in what system you can get. You may find a dog containment system that meets all your other needs, but the collar itself is too bulky for your dog. If that's the case, it will be a lot more difficult to train your pet. Comfortable collar receivers are very important.

Some dog containment systems come with collar receivers specifically designed for smaller dogs, such as the PetSafe Little Dog Fence. If you have a pet that weighs less than 15 pounds, a system like that would be the one for you.

Is your dog hard to train?

Dogs that have difficulty learning will need stronger corrections than smaller or more easygoing dogs. Look for a dog containment system that caters specifically to hard-to-train or stubborn dogs to make sure you get the most out of your system.

Also, if you have more than one dog, you may want to look into dog containment systems that allow you to set different levels of correction for each dog. If one dog is difficult to train, but the other is really easygoing, your easygoing pup is not going to need as high a level of correction as your other dog.

How big is your yard?

Most dog containment systems are only designed to cover a certain area. If you only have an acre of property when all is said and done, then a system designed to cover a large area, like 100 acres, is an unnecessary expense. Make sure you know the size of the area you need to cover when you start shopping for dog containment systems. That way you'll avoid buying more of a system than you need.

What is the topography of your yard?

Although usually it does not matter, certain kinds of dog containment systems will not work well if your yard …

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Pet Containment – Do Electronic Dog Fences Really Work?

Most dogs like to roam. Yes, some dogs will stay by the house even when offered unlimited freedom. But, most dogs have a natural curiosity that leads them to stray when the opportunity arises.

In a perfect world, it would not matter if your dog took an occasional stroll around the neighborhood. The unfortunate reality is that a dog left to its own devices faces many dangers – from speeding cars to other animals. So, it's important to find a reliable way to keep your dog in his own yard. If you have a sturdy traditional fence that your dog respects, then your job is done. If you live in a fence-restricted neighborhood, if your dog is an escape artist, or if you simply can not afford an expensive traditional fence, an electronic dog fence may be a good option for you.

The first question most people ask about electronic dog wings is, "Do they really work?" The answer is a qualified yes. Electronic dog wings are a very effective way to contain your dog, but only if you consider these three factors: hardware, installation, and training.


Take a quick look around the Web and you'll quickly see that there are a lot of electronic dog fence options on the market. The most popular do-it-yourself dog fence brands are PetSafe®, Innotek®, and Guardian®. The most popular professionally-installed dog wings are Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop®, and DogWatch®. No matter what brand you choose, you should look for the following features:

  • Multi-level Receiver: Dog wings that provide only a single level of correction just do not get the job done. A single-level receiver will needlessly stress a sensitive dog and may fail to contain a large or confident dog.
  • Lightning Protection: Some dog fence products contain integrated lighting protection, while others require you to purchase a separate lighting protection unit. If your product does not include lightning protection as a standard part of the package, you should purchase it separately. You're putting both your dog fence hardware and your home's electrical system at risk if you do not.
  • Lifetime Warranty: If you purchase a dog fence product that does not include a lifetime warranty, you risk expensive replacement costs down the road. Most major dog fence brands offer at least a limited lifetime warranty.


You can install a do-it-yourself dog fence, or you can hire a professional to install your dog fence for you. Either way, the effectiveness of your dog fence depends on these factors:

  • Use Durable Wire: If the wire that creates the perimeter of your dog fence breaks, your entire fence stops working. So, you should make sure your installation includes burial-rated wire that's between 14 and 18 gauge to help prevent wire breaks.
  • Bury Your Wire: Unless you have unusual requirements, it's typically a bad idea to staple wire to an existing fence or to the ground. Instead, wire should be buried 1 – 6 inches underground to protect it from damage.
  • Protect Your Transmitter: Dog
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Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes

…by observing you, children learn how to create and they learn craft. These powerful memories imprint a more important message. They come to understand the superiority of the creative tightwad method. – Amy Dacyczyn, a.k.a. The Frugal Zealot

Halloween costumes are so different today. Super heroes, wizards, and cartoon characters rule the trick or treat. It was not too long ago…..ok it was maybe a while ago……when I was a small trick or treater that costumes were much more original.

You were not likely to bump into three or four other characters that looked exactly like you. Oh, you might run into a costume of the same theme, but it would be totally unique by comparison. Of course my mom created our Halloween costumes. You can create unique Halloween costumes and save money by recycling items.

Create your own unique costumes. Remember that Halloween costumes exaggerate to be most effective. So the more accessories, the better. Some easy to make costumes using items around the house, borrowed from friends and/or relatives, or purchased for next to nothing at your local thrift store include:

  • The little old lady or man – dress accordingly in an older man’s (a suit is great) or woman’s clothing. A hat is a nice touch. If you don’t have a real walking cane you can substitute an appropriate size stick. Add some creative face painting with lots of wrinkles of course. Be sure to add the cracking voice and a prominent limp.
  • The Hobo – Recycle some unwanted clothing. Paint on or put on patches, rip some areas (especially around the bottoms of pants, ends of sleeves, elbows and knees, since these areas show wear first). Use black or brown makeup to smudge the face a little to look un-kept. Blush the nose to look a little reddish. (hobos get cold outside) Sport the oldest pair of worn looking shoes you can find (or even better, two different shoes) and a tattered hat and you’re good to go!
  • Princess – This is a timeless costume. I think every little girl wants to be a princess at least once. But don’t rush out and buy the frilliest costume you see. The princess is merely an expression of elegance. As long as your little girl feels elegant she is a princess. If you don’t already have a full length fancy party dress, check the thrift store for a low cost floor length party dress. Just pick one that looks “princessy.” Even better, borrow one if possible.

    A princess wand can be easily made with a dowel or stick and a cardboard star covered with foil. Add frills with duster feathers or ribbons if desired. Make a crown. You can easily make one using a headband and craft materials. Here’s a great tip: Recycle a Burger King Crown. You know the crowns they give out to all the little kiddies at Burger King. You can cover with foil or paint and add beads or gemstones to decorate. They also

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    Breed Success in Your Puppy Search

    The numbers will make any pet lover blanch with disgust, anger, and sadness. The Humane Society of the United States calculates that as many as 500,000 puppies every year are sold in pet shops, and that many of these pet shops buy their pets from the worst breeders – so-called puppy mills. What do these puppy mills (and kitty mills) have to do with you if you're on the market for a new furry companion? You know what you're doing when it comes to buying a purebred, right?

    Truth be told, puppy mills are very responsible for even harsher statistic: as many as 25 percent of all purebred pups suffer from genetic difficulties because of bad breeding. And as knowledgeable as you think you are about buying a dog, you could come across one of these poor pups and not even know it.

    That could mean that you spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a pet, only to have it succumb to a birth defect and maybe even die at an early age. Even if this worst-case scenario does not occur, buying from the wrong breeder can also land you an animal that picked up diseases because of the intolerable conditions at the breeder. That could lead to additional thousands spent on vet bills.

    Why leash yourself to such heartache? There's no need when there are so many great and trustworthy breeders out there, who can pair you with a loving new puppy.

    To find the right breeder for you, start local. Your best bet is to find breeders within driving distance. That way, you can visit the actual breeding facilities. And while there, be sure to scout out for the following characteristics that all best-of-show breeders possess:

    o A litter of dogs that play, smile, and show all the other signs of being happy and healthy. Take notice, too, that the pups are sociable to the breeder, you, and their brothers and sisters.

    o More demand for their dogs than they can handle. Usually a long buyers' waiting list at a breeder is like a wagging tail on a puppy – a good sign.

    o A discerning eye for customers. Good breeders should ask you as many questions as you ask them, on topics such as your reasons for wanting their dog, your past pet experience, if you have enough space at home, and who in your family will be responsible for daily puppy care.

    o The willingness to show you the puppy's parents during your visit if you provide the right answers to the above questions.

    o A wealth of knowledge on the dogs that they breed, including specific advice on the breed's standard and temperament, to satisfy all of your questions and concerns.

    o A health guarantee in writing that shows exactly what vaccinations the pup has had.

    o The friendly advice about what future vaccinations you should give, along with the best ways to train and care for the puppy.

    o A guarantee, again …

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    The Right Fit For Dog Harnesses

    The other day I was reading news about dogs and came across this gruesome story. The animal Shelter reported that a puppy that was cut near in half, was left at their door. The owner was tracked down and she said that she had not changed the dog's harness from birth, and the dog was left out in the rain. This made me consider writing this article about how to measure for and maintain a dog harness.

    • To measure for a harness, one must measure the girth of the dog which is around the body, just behind the front legs.
    • Make sure the harness is made of shrink proof material
    • Do not let the harness stay wet, as in leaving the harness on a dog that is out in the rain
    • Remove harness when giving your dog a bath
    • Check to make sure that you can place a couple of fingers between the harness and the body of the dog
    • Remember to increase the size of the harness as your dog grows or gains weight
    • Make sure that the harness does not rub against skin of your dog and make it sore. Check for irritated or broken skin under the harness
    • Choose a comfortable material for the harness. Harnesses chosen for beauty, such as jeweled harnesses should be used only while under your direct supervision
    • To use a leash for a small dog, use a harness to attach the leash as a collar may occlude the trachea of ​​your dog causing it to choke

    When a dog is at the state where his body is almost cut in half, is nothing but total individuation to the care of a pet one acquires. It is really animal abuse. When a harness has cut into the flesh of a dog, and the fur has grown over it, it indicates that this dog was either bathed nor held. According to the news item, this dog owner left the dog outside in the rain. One wonders why a person who can not or will not take good care of a dog, chooses to adopt one. I do believe that adoption of a dog should be contingent upon the facility and ability of the owner to care for the dog. Dogs give us unconventional love, and that may be what a person expects when they adopt a dog, but we must be willing to care for the dog lovingly and humanely. …

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