Pillow Pets Are Great Accessories for Children

Pillow Pets are some of the most unique products in the world. This is a type of plush animal toy that can double as a comfortable pillow. It is a product that has been enjoyed by children of all ages since 2003 and is still becoming popular through a variety of different vendors all over the world. It helps to take a look at some things that make these some of the best accessories that any parent can get.

What is this all about?

Pillow Pens are unique toys and bedding accessories. This can be used in that the closed position will feature the pet in a standard plush toy setup. This is something that will be secured by proper Velcro snaps. These snaps will be safe to use and easy to fasten and loosen alike.

The open position will involve the body of the plush animal being laid out. This new position will be used to facilitate the creation of a full bed pillow. This pillow will feature a relaxing surface that is enjoyable for any child. The entire pillow can then be folded back up into its stuffed animal form with ease. The process should not be too difficult to deal with and can take less than half a minute to handle.

What is used to make a pet?

Chenille fabric is the main ingredient used for one of these pets. This is a warm and comfortable fabric that will not be too difficult on any user. It is also something that will not trigger allergies as easily as some other fabrics could.

What types of pets are available?

The big thing about Pillow Pets is that they have become so popular that they can be found in tens of different forms. These accessories are available with a number of different types of animal designs in mind. For example, some of these pets can include the polar bear, bunny rabbit, cat, dog, unicorn, ladybug, panda bear, penguin, turtle and pig. …

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Learn About the PetSafe Fence and Select the Right One For Your Dog!

PetSafe produces a wide range of wings to suit the many different types of dog's and your requirements. This can be a little confusing, so in this article we will summarize which PetSafe fence is the best for any given situation. We will look at the area you want to cover, speed and ease of use and your dog's temperament.

You can get an indoor and outdoor PetSafe fence, and you can get an outdoor fence which is either wireless or uses a wire. The first decision is a very straightforward one, and that is to decide if you want an indoor or outdoor fence. If you want an indoor fence then you go for a wireless fence, if you want an outdoor then there are a number of items to take into consideration.

There are 3 underground outdoor dog wings to choose from, and they include the deluxe PetSafe fence, the stubborn pet fence and the standard fence. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's have a look at each one in turn.

Hard to Train Dog

This collar is for the tough dogs, the ones which are very stubborn and never do what you want them to do. With this fence, your dog has to weigh over 20lbs and be over 6 months old. This stubborn fence is very powerful and to our knowledge the most powerful one you can buy. The standard kit allows you create a fence which will contain a dog within an area of ​​1/3 of an acre. You can buy additional wire and extend this up to 10 acres.

Deluxe Collar

When looking at fines you should start here as it will cater for most dogs and most back yards. You can cover an area up to 25 acres so making it a lot more versatile than either the stubborn or standard fence. You must take note that to use this PetSafe fence your dog must be at least eight pounds in weight and 26 weeks in age.

Standard Fence

The standard fence is the cheapest fence and uses the smallest receiver collar you can get and so is designed for smaller dogs and cats! It is so small you can use it on pets which weigh 5lbs upwards. The collar only weighs 1.2 oz. This PetSafe fence can contain an area the same size as the stubborn fence but much less than the 25 acres for the deluxe model, since the containment area is only 10 acres. However, that is more than adequate for most back yards.

PetSafe Wireless Fence

A wireless fence can throw up a boundary up to 180 ft in diameter from where the transmitter is located. To make the containment area larger than 180 feet, you can buy additional transmitters. We love the wireless fence because it is so simple to set up. The downside is that you are not as flexible with your boundaries as you are with the underground fence. …

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Pet Containment – Do Electronic Dog Fences Really Work?

Most dogs like to roam. Yes, some dogs will stay by the house even when offered unlimited freedom. But, most dogs have a natural curiosity that leads them to stray when the opportunity arises.

In a perfect world, it would not matter if your dog took an occasional stroll around the neighborhood. The unfortunate reality is that a dog left to its own devices faces many dangers – from speeding cars to other animals. So, it's important to find a reliable way to keep your dog in his own yard. If you have a sturdy traditional fence that your dog respects, then your job is done. If you live in a fence-restricted neighborhood, if your dog is an escape artist, or if you simply can not afford an expensive traditional fence, an electronic dog fence may be a good option for you.

The first question most people ask about electronic dog wings is, "Do they really work?" The answer is a qualified yes. Electronic dog wings are a very effective way to contain your dog, but only if you consider these three factors: hardware, installation, and training.


Take a quick look around the Web and you'll quickly see that there are a lot of electronic dog fence options on the market. The most popular do-it-yourself dog fence brands are PetSafe®, Innotek®, and Guardian®. The most popular professionally-installed dog wings are Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop®, and DogWatch®. No matter what brand you choose, you should look for the following features:

  • Multi-level Receiver: Dog wings that provide only a single level of correction just do not get the job done. A single-level receiver will needlessly stress a sensitive dog and may fail to contain a large or confident dog.
  • Lightning Protection: Some dog fence products contain integrated lighting protection, while others require you to purchase a separate lighting protection unit. If your product does not include lightning protection as a standard part of the package, you should purchase it separately. You're putting both your dog fence hardware and your home's electrical system at risk if you do not.
  • Lifetime Warranty: If you purchase a dog fence product that does not include a lifetime warranty, you risk expensive replacement costs down the road. Most major dog fence brands offer at least a limited lifetime warranty.


You can install a do-it-yourself dog fence, or you can hire a professional to install your dog fence for you. Either way, the effectiveness of your dog fence depends on these factors:

  • Use Durable Wire: If the wire that creates the perimeter of your dog fence breaks, your entire fence stops working. So, you should make sure your installation includes burial-rated wire that's between 14 and 18 gauge to help prevent wire breaks.
  • Bury Your Wire: Unless you have unusual requirements, it's typically a bad idea to staple wire to an existing fence or to the ground. Instead, wire should be buried 1 – 6 inches underground to protect it from damage.
  • Protect Your Transmitter: Dog
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Lighted Dog Collar Protection

We as dog owners know how dangerous it can be to walk our dog at night. You would not want to drive your car at night without headlights on, so you would not want to walk your dog at night without a lighted dog collar. This reflective type collar can save your dog's life, while walking him or even if he got out of the yard. It will also help for you to be seen while walking him.

It is easy for us to wear something bright and reflective to be easily seen. A lighted dog collar can protect your dog at night and make it visible to cars and any type of lighting.

These Polybrite lighted collars are available in an array of vivid colors and designs. They are ideal for low light and nighttime visibility. They have a combination of PolyBrite's patented polymer / LED technology and reflective stitching. They come with a three function switch, which provides an off, steady and flashing mode. You can use these different functions on the dog collar depending on the circumstance.

A lighted dog collar can provide illumination for up to 200 hours in the flashing mode and can be seen at least a half a mile away. They run on a standard replaceable watch battery. For added safety the collar is shockproof, spark proof and weather resistant.

There are several benefits to wearing a lighted dog collar. Along with being safe and helping to protect your pet from cars, they are also comfortable and stylish to wear all the time. They come in all sizes and can be easily seen even on long haired dogs. I have personally seen how well these collars work and they are so bright and easily seen. Having them on your dog all the time is a good idea if you have a large backyard they are easy to see and you always know where your dog is. I would highly recommend this dog collar to any dog ​​owner to keep their lovable pet safe and protected. …

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A Review of the Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence

Many of us with dogs would love to get a fence for our yard. That would allow our dog to have a nice place to run and play without all of the dangers from wandering outside the yard. Fencing in yards can be expensive and very difficult labor, especially for those who have a lot of ground to cover. That is where dog fence technology comes in. There are a few different types of dog fence systems, but we will look specifically at the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence in this article.

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence goes by the model number PIF-300. This is the latest technology that PetSafe has made in the way of dog containment. This is a fantastic do-it-yourself system. For those people who are like me and want the easiest possible installation, this is the product for you. There are no wires to bury, no trenches to dig, and especially no holes for fence posts, concrete, nails, and all of the other things that installing a traditional fence require. With this system, if you can plug it in, you can set it up. The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is so portable, you can take it with you anywhere you go. This is great for people who have a cabin, or like to take their pet with them when they go places.

After you plug in the dog fence, all you have to do is set the range you want for your boundary. The system comes with flags to mark the edge of the boundary you set on the PIF-300. This system is the best on the market when it comes to this type of containment. It covers twice the range of any other wireless dog fence. With just one transmitter, you can cover an area up to 180 feet in diameter. That is plenty for most conventional yards. If you have a large area of ​​land you want to cover, the great thing about this dog containment product is that you can purchase additional transmitters which allow you to increase the area of ​​coverage. You can add more than two transmitters to this system. The only thing to remember when considering one of these containment products is that the transmitters are not waterproof, so each needs to be in a safe location where it is out of the weather.

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is also great in the fact that it can be used with more than one pet. You can actually use it with an unlimited number of pets provided they all use the proper receiver collar, which are also available to you. It is also nice to know that the transmitters and collars are available separately just in case you need to replace part of the system and not all of it.

For those of us who like to camp or be outdoors, there are also power inverters available that allow it to be plugged in to your vehicle which is very nice …

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Adopting a New Pet – Dogs

Everyone is certainly going to get excited when trying to adopt a dog. Truly a man's best friend, you can rely on your pet dog in giving you company, cuddling up together and some can even guard your house. You need to review your personal lifestyle and needs when adopting a dog. It is a major decision whether or not you would choose to have a puppy or an adult as a pet. Before deciding on which dog to adopt, here is some useful information that might help you decide.

On Puppies

* Bringing up a puppy is an advantage because this means that you would guide its growth and well being. You would have the chance to raise it up according to what you want. This means you can ensure that it is properly nurtured with the right dog food, ensuring that necessary dog ​​shots are given and prevent heartworm at this early stage. Having your puppy personally trained is also a plus since you can teach him exactly what you want.

* You should adopt a puppy when it is at least 10 weeks old. Puppies need a lot of time to be cared for by their mothers. This is a crucial stage for them. They somehow gain a psychological advantage for both puppy and for the mother dog as well.

* A puppy can easily adjust to new surroundings as compared to an adult dog. Although most puppies may cause minimal to major damage to your personal stuff while they are in the stage of teething. They need to be housebroken and house training needs a lot of time, effort and patience from the owner.

* There is no assurance of what a puppy would look like when it gets old; especially if it is a mixed breed. Also, his temperament may change when he grows up.

* Most pet owners love how puppies can be entertaining. They are very cute and adorable pets that is a hit for both children and grown ups. Puppies can be easily considered as one of the family.

On adult dog

* You would have less of a fuss taking care of an adult dog. They already have this established behavior that you can easily adopt too. By being with the dog more often, you would have more or less an idea of ​​what its temperament is.

* You need to get as much information that you can when adopting an adult dog. Take note of its habits and mood swings. You can acquire information from the previous owners of the dog. Some adult dogs may have some behavior issues. It is important to take note of them.

* It may take some time and effort for an adult dog to be completely comfortable with a new owner.

* Take note that you need to introduce an adult dog to your children and other household members. This would help the dog be familiar with them and helps them refrain from biting …

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Dog Halloween Costumes – Fun Ideas For A Haunted Howl-owen

Including your dog into the festivals this Halloween is one of the most fun things you will ever do. Do not let him just curl up on his pet bed and miss the action when there are many ways he can make the event more enjoyable. At the very least, you should dress him up in a cute little dog Halloween costume, even if he's a big breed. There are all sorts of styles and sizes available, and the trick-or-treats that come to your door are going to be delelled to see an adorable hound decked out in an outfit as they get their candy. If you're having friends over for a party, what better conversation piece than a Chihuahua in a little angel costume? However, there are even more creative and fun ideas for including your four-legged friend into this spooky holiday with dog clothes.

Many parents worry about keeping their kids safe on Halloween. I think that in addition to having adult supervision, one way to increase a child's safety and enjoyment is to let the family dog ​​trick-or-treat with the kids. You never know, some dog loving homes might just have a little doggie treat on hand for a dressed up canine. Kids can also feel more emotionally confident going up to a stranger's house and ringing the doorbell if they have their best friend right beside them. One really cute idea is to get the child and dog matching or coordinating costumes. Being so cute might even result in getting more candy!

Another fun idea if you're putting together a haunted house is to throw a costume on your dog and let it be part of the scare fest. If the event is meant to raise money for a good cause, for example, a costumed doggie host at the front door would be a great draw to bring thrill seekers in. …

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Using a Dog Training Harness to Train Your Dog

In taking your dog for walk and in training your dog, there is much more needed that just a good dog trainer and an obedient and intelligent dog. You need lots of dog training accessories- the most popular of which is a dog training harness.

A dog training harness was made to take the place of dog collars. Typically, traditional dog collars causes irritation, choking, and coughing for a dog when the pressure is applied if the collar is folded while training or walking. Dog training harnesses help your dog escape such dreadful circumstances. A dog harness is placed over the dog's upper body such as the shoulders and ribcage. Its grip extends to the dog's front legs. As a result, the dog escapes choking since the pressure performed while pulling is distributed throughout the upper body of the dog. The pressure is then relieved and the dog escapes irritations cause by pulling. Also, the dog can freely bark and track things without the restraints from the collar irritation.

Dog-training harnesses come in various designs and sizes. This wide variety is the reason why many dog ​​keepers find it very difficult to choose the right dog training harness for their lovable pet. Regardless of the size however, the most important rule in choosing the right dog training harness is to prioritize function and not fashion. Make sure that the dog training harness fully serves its purpose- that is to be able help the keeper / trainer control, guide or manage the dog's behavior.

The most popular types of dog training harnesses are those that are made of leather. For dogs that belong to the large breeds, the commonly used harness for them is the metal choke collar. Another factor to take into consideration when choosing the right dog training harness is the dog's temperament and breed.

Comfort for both the dog and the trainer is an essential factor to be considered as well. The training harness should be one that the dog wants to use. It should be lightweight and it should be hypoallergenic to the dog. It should not pose any threat to the health and development of your dog. In addition to that, the right harness should be able to ease your problem in controlling a rather stubborn pet when exposed to strangers or when you are outdoors. The right dog training harness is often expected to be the favorite training equipment of both the dog and the trainer.

Last but not the least, a dog collar should be durable and strong. It should be able to handle the pressure of puppies that are hard to control, or those who simply have aggressive behaviors. It should also be able to resist the pressure and strength implemented by large dog breeds. …

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Small Dog Crate

There are several advantages to be had when deal in with a small do crate. These can be referred to by a variety of other names, no matter what you call them, you will want to consider the use of these for your small dog. These can be used in the transportation of your dog while there are several other uses for these. Another great use is the use of keeping the dog in while you are away, the reason behind this use is to help in making sure that you dog does not destroy the house while you are away.

A small dog crate which is intended to move your dog is usually lightweight, collapsible and many times soft. These are great for traveling, storing them when you are not using it is amazingly convenient. Small dogs are almost constantly feeling more comfortable and relaxed when traveling inside a small dog crate. Dogs that tend to get car sick will feel well and alleviated when inside a small dog crate. These small dog crate will provide a sense of security and comfort so these pets feel at home, so it is also nice if the owner will make their small dogs get use to being inside a crate prior to traveling.

These are just a few ways to transport your dog. There are also cages that use hard plastic materials in its design. If you are just sincerely looking for a cage to contain your dog at home then there are more choices available for you when opting for a crate. There are inexpensive metal dog crates available on the market. These crates are usually made of metal or there are those that are made of ABS hard plastic which may also be collapsible. To provide more comfort for your pet it is best to place a cushion on your dogs' crate. A lot of people will usually isolate their dogs specifically puppies on a small dog crate to prevent them from destroying interior home arrangements while they are away. The dog will usually look at the crate as a fortress that provides security making it convenient in transporting them when the need arise.

The best deal on metal or plastic small dog crates is online, regardless of what type you are searching for. When choosing your crate make sure of its size that it will comfortably fit your dog. It is also best to anticipate the growth of your puppy and purchase a crate that will be useful even when your puppy is fully grown. There are a variety of crates that will give you the flexibility of this predicament. These are crates that grow with your puppy. These are choices of excellence as they may be useful in the coming years. With care and proper use these dog crates will last long.

A dog crate is a place of rest and territory a fortress for dogs, to most of us it may only appear as something that …

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A Designer Dog Collar for the Pampered Dog

For those of you who spare no expense when it comes to your dog buying a designer dog collar is just another way to spoil their four legged family member. Sure it's a little extravagant, but nothing is too good for your dog. Here are few things to think about when it comes to buying a designer dog collar.

Designer dog collars come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Many times these types of dog collars are based on a theme. These themes can be based on a number of things but most of the time it is related to the breed of dog or what country your breed of dog came from. Or it may be a combination of the two. For instance an Irish Sheep Dog would look good in a collar specific to Ireland. A collar made of green leather with shamrock shaped golden studs inlaid in it. A Scottish Terrier may sport a collar with a plaid design to match his plaid hat and coat. Designing a collar to match where his breed came from is one of the more popular ways to outfit him.

Of course some owners are more interested in making a personal statement about their dog that matches their own personal tastes. While these tastes may not appeal to everyone for the owner it is a perfect reflection of who they and their dog are. Let's look at poodles for instance. If the woman owner of a poodle likes pink she may look for a designer dog collar in that shade. The collar may also have ornamentation that matches the woman's own collection of jewelry. Then there are the more hardcore biker types who outfit their dogs with black leather spiked dog collars that match their own biker wardrobe. There's a designer dog collar out there for just about anyone with any type of dog. Some people even get multiple designer dog collars to match the different outfits they like to dress their dogs in. Dressing their dog takes just about as much time as they take them wearing themselves.

No matter what your taste there is s designer dog collar that will no doubt give your dog the look you think he should have. …

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