Cat Trees – the Answer For Feline Fun

If your cat could talk, what would she say? You might think leave me alone would be a good guess, but what she is crying out for is some stimulation. And cat trees can give her what she wants and save on the wear and tear to your furniture.

Available in several shapes and sizes, cat trees are a great way to entertain both you and your cat. They usually consist of a tower or tree with several platforms or limbs. All are covered in carpet perfect for scratching and some limps might hold cubbies or hammocks for your furry friend.

They will love exploring their new toy and observing the world around them from on high. Some have hanging toys they can bat at and others are just for climbing and resting. Yet traditionally this well loved design does not necessarily garner the same praise from cat owners. In fact some cat lovers have gone without while others have endured what some call eyesores pushed to the corner of the room.

Now, though several new designs have appeared that merge clean lines with molded pine and pressed cardboard in lieu of plywood covered in carpet remnants. You can choose from a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house for your furry friend or perhaps a snail shell shaped cardboard cocoon would appeal to both you and your cat. Do you go for European style? Well then try an elliptical shaped cubby for your pet on a steel pedestal. One designer has pared down the cat tree to its essence; a wall mounted platform with inset mohair and even carpet.

While these new designs may appeal to some, others are still just as happy with the regular styled cat trees in their living rooms. And your cat? Well he or she would probably be just as happy with the box these things came in. But cats are very adaptable and will most likely be content with anything you give them. So if you want a cat toy that is more modern and aesthetically pleasing to the eye your cat will like it too.

Most cats love to get into anything, so any type of furniture will protect your furniture from excess fur and scratch marks. So surprisingly you don’t have to decide between a happy cat and a stylish pad. Modern cat trees and other cat furniture are almost sculptures or art, for your home. No more shoving them in the corner to hopefully get them out of site. You’ll want to proudly display these pieces.

So indulge your furry friends with furniture like cat trees that you both can love and you won’t be seen as a crazy cat lady with fur constantly flying in the room, a bad smell coming from the litter box are and your living room cluttered with more ghastly cat furniture than furniture for yourself. Instead you will just be a person who has a swanky pad who also has a cat or two to keep you company.