Cat Trees – Fun for Your Cat and You

Soft and warm and lots of fun can be a welcome addition to your household. That is if you provide them with their own furniture so they do not scratch up yours. Cats have a natural instinct to stretch, scratch and pounce so why not give them something they can romp and play on without giving you a headache.

Cat trees range from 2 to 8 feet in height and are usually made of wood and covered in bark or carpet. The center post supports any numbers of limbs with platforms to jump and perch on to watch the world go by from above. There is usually a scratch post or posts built in. Some have tunnels to climb and hide in and some have beds or hammocks for kitty to rest and play.

There are any number of combinations available allowing you to purchase one that will best suit your feline's finicky ways. Some are one piece; Some are modular and the styles range from modern to rustic. Shop online to get the best prices and choices for cat trees. Instead of trudging from pet store to pet store you can find the tree of your cat's dreams from the comfort of your own home with the click of a mouse. Search and compare the many types available to find the right fit for both you and your cat. Does your cat like to jump and play? Then get one with more tunnels and platform. Does she like to lounge and observe? Than get one with a high plat form and a bed or hammock. Do they like to scratch? You can get one with ten scratch posts. The possibilities are endless.

Now, once you get your cat tree your cat or kitten might not shy away from it at first. In this case you need to coax them onto it by pretending to scratch it yourself or capturing their attention by pulling a string slowly up it for them to pounce on. If they catch on quickly give them lots of praise and maybe even a treat. Most importantly you need a lot of patience. Sometimes you will break them of their old habits of scratching your furniture and drapes. In fact you will probably have a hard time getting them to come down off of their tree.

Perfect if you have one or more cats, cat trees are a necessity for a happy cat. Whether it is tall or short, has a hanging toy or just one scratch post or ten, both you and your cat will enjoy a cat tree. You'll enjoy their antics as they romp and play on it and they'll enjoy the exercise and fun they get when they play on it. Make sure you choose a tree that offers your furry friend enough variety for hours of rest and play. Treat your cat to a cat tree that suits them and they will thank you daily with a warm snuggle and a purr.