Cat Tree – Your Cat's Private Hide Away

Does your cat like to hang out on top of a set of shelves, fireplace mantel or on the refrigerator? That's because they love high places. They are captivated by climbing and the higher they are the more secure they feel. Cat trees are wonderful play areas for your cat, one of the best ways to meet your cat's need for height and they can give your furniture a break from scratch marks and fur.

Most have some sort of scratching post built in and your cat can also climb around and play on it. Sometimes they hide in their cat tree and watch for people walking by. Cat trees often have cat condos built into the design. It's possible for multiple cats to occupy the condos as well, giving them ample time (and space) to snuggle without taking up your favorite chair – that's always a bonus.

Cat furniture can also be an activity center for your cat's entertainment and give the indoor cat exercise while you are away. There are few things more entertaining for a pet owner than to see their animals enjoying a new piece of furniture like this, especially when you know it is providing heart and body health and promoting overall wellness. It's a worthy investment if it prolongs the life of one of your closest friends.

When purchasing a cat tree make sure the platform is heavy and wide, providing good support and stability for active play. The construction should be strong and of sturdy materials to withstand the weight of your active cat, and stand up to heavy usage. It should be covered carpet, to provide something to grip while playing, and be cozy is in hiding or sleeping, cats that get used to sleeping in the cat tree leave less fur all around the house.

The furniture in Like your home, a cat tree can come in a variety of styles and color : as color : such fall into a WIDE range of prices. A simple cat tree with just a short mast and shelf may cost you under $ 50 while a more intricate tree system covered in multiple condos could run as much as $ 150. It's always a matter of preference, particularly for the feline in the home. You certainly do not want to have too little play space with a large feline. It's best to buy the most appropriate play scape or cat tree system for the size and activity level of your pet.