Cat Tree Plans You Can Use To Build Your Own Cat Tree

Does your cat scratch your furniture? Then getting some cat tree plans to help you build your own cat tree is just what the doctor ordered.

Let me tell you, I had a cat that used to scratch up everything. He scratched the sofa, the curtains and even the woodwork! His scratching was so bad, I did not know if I was going to be able to keep him. It was totally embarrassing when company came over.

All that changed when I made him his own cat tower. Now he romps and plays and scratches to his hearts content on HIS cat gym and leaves my stuff alone. He has a great timed doing what all cats love to do and my furniture is safe.

Now let me tell you it was not easy for me to start this project, far from it. In fact I was scared to death to do it because I'm not what you'd call the handy type. I've never built anything like this before but I did not have the money to buy any cat furniture. Have you seen the prices that they want for that stuff? It's insane!

But I loved my cat and wanted to keep him and letting him destroy the house was not an option so I started looking for ways to make something myself. I knew I wanted something that would be functional and look good too.

When I looked online for free cat tree plans I found a lot of junk information. Seriously, how was someone like me, with no experience with diy projects, provided to make sense of the sketchy plans and abbreviated instructions free plans provided?

So I broke down and after much research bought a set of cat furniture designs. Boy am I glad I did. I was really worried that the materials I'd need would be hard to find or really expensive. But the designs I got held my hand from start to finish. Theyave me tons of tips on where to get materials really cheap and in some cases for free. Being able to print out the materials list to take shopping with me was great. I got everything I needed in one trip and did not forget anything.

Tackling a job like this was really frightening for me. I was concerned that a novice like me would not be able to do this project. Or at least that I would not end up with something I'd be proud to display in my home. Much to my surprise, the instructions were surprisingly simple to follow! All the pictures made it easy to see what to do and to be sure I did it the way I was supposed to.

All in all, building a cat tree was a super simple project. It turned out great and I 'really proud I built this myself. It has given my cat something better to do than tear up my house. I can even have company over and not worry about him bothering them because now he loves most of his time on his furniture and leaves mine to me and my friends.