Cat Tree – Finding The Right One For Your Cat

Your pets were meant to roam, climb and play. Their natural instinct is to hunt in order to survive. Cats especially need exercise and challenging terrain to feel satisfied and to be healthy. When they are living in your home, things are not as easy for your cat. Instead of being on the prowl and taking over their own piece of jungle, your cat is trying to make due in your home.

If you have seen your cat go running across the house, climbing on your furniture, drapes and other items in your home, this may be their way to trying to claim their jungle. You may often find yourself yelling at the cat, but really, the cat is doing what comes by its nature. You need to instead offer your pet a better outlet for their energy.

So, what is the best way to go about providing such an environment for your feline friends?

The best place to start is by researching cat play areas and think about purchasing a cat tree. They are essentially playgrounds for your pet. They usually consist of a few platforms, ramps, triangles and cylindrical shapes to crawl in and on.

When shopping for a cat tree, keep your cat in mind. What is your cat's personality? Do you have a climber who loves to bet on the top of the world? Do you have a hider who always is looking for something to climb in to or under? Do you have a player who is always looking for a dangling toy to attack? By taking a note of your cat's personality, you can find a tree that is best for them.

Look at the cat tree options on the market and find the features that work best for your cat. For a climber, you may want a taller one with levels for your cat to climb up to the top. Those who are hiders should be given tubes and boxes to climb into and out of. And for the playing cats, look for a tree that has a way to attach toys, or comes with toys already attached to give your cat something to play with.

Keep in mind some basic safety precautions to keep your cats safe. A well balanced, sturdy cat tree will prevent your cats from tipping it over and hurting themselves or others, or breaking surrounding furniture.

In general, you want to look for a well made cat tree that will stand the test of time. Beware of cat trees that lean to one side or that feel wobbly when you rock them back and forth with your own hand. Chances are if they feel wobbly to you then they will probably not be sturdy enough to withstand your cat's play time.

A cat tree may also come with accessories such as hanging perches, cat houses, cat nip pouches and more. These extras will help to stimulate your cat's playfulness and coax out his natural playful side.