Cat Litter Boxes – Part One – Pick of the Litter

The aim of this article is to provide engineered solutions for every problem as it relates to your cat's litter box by targeting the root cause. Topics include: cost, odor, type of litter, brand of litter, type of box, placement, cleaning, health concerns, number of cats, cat not using, ventilation etc.

Before you devour this literary masterpiece of profound knowledge, please allow for a quick introduction and brief history in order to establish some credibility. My name is Don. And I am a "crazy cat person."

It all started when I married Elly May Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies. Ever since, I have been collecting pathetic life forms. While I will not divulge how many stowaways I am harboring (i have found that this violates the "crazy cat person" code of ethics,) I will say that I have enough to have earned the title. As I am writing this, one of my pathetic life forms (meka) just knocked over a can of red bull into my lap after paying a visit to her "enhanced" litter box. She just dropped a deuce that promises to peel the paint from the wall. Verily, I would love to go into each and everyone's pathetic sad story. And perhaps, I will conjure a link to where you can read some of these sob stories later on in the series. For now, let us explore the subject of Cat sh * t.

After years of experimenting and going back and forth on different brands and types of litter, I have found the perfect solution for my "horde" of feline friends. But let's discuss some of the many different variations of litter. There is the old faithful clay litter that many old schoolers and cat crazies still swear by but I dislike it due to poor odor control and how heavy it is. It is cheap, but I ended up using so much and working harder that the cost saving analysis showed to be counter intuitive and making the small cost savings non beneficial. The most popular, by far, is clumping or scoopable. Conversely, I have read articles where sodium bentonite is being linked to medical maladies in kitty cats and in some cases people. Perhaps these humans were dining on a litter box snack?

I did not see any research or study linking feline pancreatitis to scoopa1ble litter but there seems to be some concern with that as well. Now we get into the "exotics," so I call them. The shredded newspaper, rock crystals, pine pellets, wheat grain, rice crispies, shaving cream, lima beans ….. I was thinking they may try "m & ms" next. I will omit a review on any of these as I did not conduct a controlled, scientific study. I can tell you that upon filling one of the cat litter boxes with "crystals" a brave test subject jumped in and immediately froze. With widened eyes he carefully examined each paw then slowly looked up at me and meowed the words …. W tf?

With that being the case, my quest for the best cat litter in world continued. When I discovered, guess what, the worlds best cat litter. It may also be known as, the worlds most expensive cat litter. However after doing some reading it turns out that wbcl is basically the same thing as "chicken crumbles" that you can purchase in a feed store for around 9 to 10 bucks for a 50 pound bag. After using chicken crumbles (make sure to get non – medicated) I will never go back to anything else. In my opinion it out performs all others in odor control, absorption, tracking, no dust, non toxic, cleaning, disposal, and whats more? …. It's the cheapest.