Cat Fancy Dress – 3 Purrfect Ideas For a Cat Costume This Halloween

A black cat fancy dress outfit has always been a favorite costume at Halloween parties, mainly due to the association with witches. However, there are many other different types of cat costume that you might want to consider when deciding on an outfit for this year's Halloween party.

Cat fancy dress costumes and their accessories can be found at online websites that specialize in different kinds of cat costume and below I list three ideas, which I believe will help you choose the purrfect outfit for the upcoming party.

Idea One: Catwoman Costumes

Probably the most famous of all cat fancy dress costumes is that of the Catwoman outfit. A love-hate relationship with Batman, Catwoman has always relied on her sexy, wily ways to get one over the Caped Crusader and certainly most Catwoman outfits you can buy are nothing if not sexy. Usually consisting of a black latex jumpsuit, the Catwoman outfit makes for a perfect cat costume this Halloween, although you may want to think twice before wearing the outfit to a party in the summer months, as those jumpsuits can get quite hot.

Idea Two: Cat Outfits Inspired By Cartoons

Another great type of cat fancy dress outfit, especially among children, is a cat costume that has been inspired by a cartoon. Here, of Tom and Jerry fame, is a great favorite among the kids, as is Tweety Pie's nemesis, Sylvester. Meanwhile, Jess The Cat, from the cartoon series Postman Pat is an extremely popular choice amongst the youngger kids. However, my preferred cartoon inspired cat outfit, and the costume that adults will tend to go for, are the Cat In The Hat costumes, which are based on the character that features in the series of children's books by Dr. Seuss.

Idea Three: Sexy Cat Outfits

The final type of cat costume that I will mention is that of the sexy cat fancy dress outfit. These type of envelopes are usually based around a black and white mini-dress, or a black top with tight black trousers. Sexy cat costumes will normally come with a number of accessories as part of the outfit, such as a cat mask, a pair of cat ears on a headband and a cat's tail. However, there are also a lot of other cool accessories that you can purchase to help complete your costume, such as a pair of stockings, black leather boots and even a black whip.