Bastet Egyptian Cat Goddess Halloween Costume

If you are looking for an original and sexy Halloween costume, why not combine the grace and mystery of a cat with the elegance of a Queen of the Nile to make an Egyptian Cat Goddess Costume?

The Egyptians worshiped cats, especially a cat goddess names Bast or Bastet. Her temple was in her city of Bubastis. According to Herodotus, a famous Greek historian who visited Egypt and attended her festival, it was a week-long Mardi Gras with a lot of singing, dancing, and especially drinking of wine. The last day of her festival, October 31st, they would arrive at Bubastis and end the celebration at her temple, after a week-long boat ride down the Nile, partying all the way.

The original Bastet in Egyptian art was depicted as a Royal Lady or Princess with a Cat's Head. She represented many cat experiences, from her name meaning "tearer" to being the goddess of joy and protector of women. She was often represented with a basket of kittens, depicting her as the protective mother. The trains of Bastet were grace, mystery, and fiercely protectiveness of a lion.

If you are looking for a unique, beautiful, and sexy costume for Halloween, why not combine a cat costume with a Cleopatra Egyptian costume to make a Bast Cat Goddess costume?

What could be more perfect than combining the elegance of a Cleopatra Egyptian Costume with Cat Ears or a Cat Mask to make an Egyptian Cat Goddess Halloween costume? The gorgeous look of Cleopatra combined with the sexy grace of a cat? What could be better?