Barking Dog Collars To Stop The Constant Racket

Barking dog collars are useful to help you train your dog to control excess barking. All dogs bark. It’s just a way of communication. And all barking is not bad. The bad part is excessive barking and barking at the wrong time, like at night.But a dog barking collar is best used in combination with other types of training.

Before you get a dog barking collar, spend some time observing your dog to try to understand why all the barking. It may be a simple matter to stop the barking without the expense and trouble of a collar. And remember that in most cases the dog collar will only stop the barking while it is on the dog. Dogs are smart. Take the collar off and the barking starts back.

If you choose to get a dog bark collar, you can choose from three types.

The citronella collar is preferred by many. It works by spraying citronella oil near the dog’s nose when the barking starts. The stinky oil stops most dogs from barking without harming the dog. Some dogs keep barking, but not many.

Another control collar is an ultrasonic collar. These devices emit ultrasonic sounds when barking starts. It’s irritating to dogs but not to people. This works with most dogs but not all.

The final category of dog training collars is the electronic shock collar. Barking sets off an electrical jolt that only stops when the barking stops. Most dogs quickly learn to stop barking, but usually only works while the collar is on. Dogs learn quickly that no shock happens when the collar is off. Also, many dogs become fearful and crazy when subjected to shocks. Do you blame them? Many people see these as cruel. Since the citronella collars seem to work as well or better, citronella collars are a better choice.