A Designer Dog Collar for the Pampered Dog

For those of you who spare no expense when it comes to your dog buying a designer dog collar is just another way to spoil their four legged family member. Sure it's a little extravagant, but nothing is too good for your dog. Here are few things to think about when it comes to buying a designer dog collar.

Designer dog collars come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Many times these types of dog collars are based on a theme. These themes can be based on a number of things but most of the time it is related to the breed of dog or what country your breed of dog came from. Or it may be a combination of the two. For instance an Irish Sheep Dog would look good in a collar specific to Ireland. A collar made of green leather with shamrock shaped golden studs inlaid in it. A Scottish Terrier may sport a collar with a plaid design to match his plaid hat and coat. Designing a collar to match where his breed came from is one of the more popular ways to outfit him.

Of course some owners are more interested in making a personal statement about their dog that matches their own personal tastes. While these tastes may not appeal to everyone for the owner it is a perfect reflection of who they and their dog are. Let's look at poodles for instance. If the woman owner of a poodle likes pink she may look for a designer dog collar in that shade. The collar may also have ornamentation that matches the woman's own collection of jewelry. Then there are the more hardcore biker types who outfit their dogs with black leather spiked dog collars that match their own biker wardrobe. There's a designer dog collar out there for just about anyone with any type of dog. Some people even get multiple designer dog collars to match the different outfits they like to dress their dogs in. Dressing their dog takes just about as much time as they take them wearing themselves.

No matter what your taste there is s designer dog collar that will no doubt give your dog the look you think he should have.