5 Ways to Eliminate Boredom From the Lives of Your Doggie

In this crazy world that we live in, it becomes very difficult to take our pooches everywhere we go; as not all places are dog friendly. Hence; this gives our tykes little scope to enjoy their day to the fullest. So, how will you come to know whether your dog is feeling bored? There are different cues that dogs give like:

  • Chomping the garden instruments, sprinkler and lawn furniture
  • Whining in your absence
  • Gnawed furniture, tattered clothing or trash can contents spread in the entire house
  • Shaking, trembling or extreme drooling behavior
  • Urinating, vomiting, or leaving feces in the house

If your dog is giving these cues he is definitely feeling jaded. So what is the best thing that you can do to eliminate this dullness from his life? Quite simple … Give him some tools to kill the time in a productive manner.

Ways To Eliminate Boredom From The Lives Of Your Doggie:

Plenty of exercise

Remember a tired dog is a quiet dog; and so give your doggie plenty of exercise. Utilize the space of your yard or a portion of your house to exercise your pet.

Play games with the pooch

There are plenty of games that you can play with your pooch. One amazing game is hide and seek; wherein you hide the dog's favorite treat in the room or the yard, and then ask the pooch to find it. The key here is to show the location where you are hiding the treat a couple of times so that your tyke understands and sees that you are hiding their favorite treat. Always hide treats in places where it is easy to find for the dog. This will not only keep him active, but also entertained.

Get dog toys

A favorite way to get undivided attention from your doggie is to get dog toys which will keep him mentally stimulated for long periods of time. You can even stuff in your dog's favorite treats in it. Buy the best toys from the top-grade stores and keep your furry friend occupied.

Hire a dog walker

A dog walker will ensure that your doggie will have a routine to follow. It will be a perfect way to set up an exercise regimen for him. You can even ask the dog trainer to spend time in the backyard to play with the tyke, and spend quality time with him.

Get another furry pal

This is totally dependent on your financial situation; and the way you think about it. Initially, ask your friend to drop by with their tyke and see how your doggie reacts in front of the other dog. If the response is positive; then think about getting another furry pal.

It may take some doing, but ultimately when your dog gets enough activity and is tired he will eventually be nice and calm thereby forgetting about the boring old days in the past !!