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About Anti Aging Products

A lot of products that can help in slowing down the process of aging are available in the market today. The majority of these products are safe for use and they work in slowing the process of aging by reducing the usual effects of the free radicals that are there in the air and also by reducing wrinkles. The varieties of products that are available contain different ingredients and they therefore work differently and the manners in which they are applied in terms of frequency also differ.

Even though most of the products that are used in the prevention of aging usually have different types of ingredients that have been put together, there are those ingredients which are universal in the majority of the products. One of the most common ingredients in the products that are used for this purpose is retinol, which happens to be a compound of vitamin A and which also, works as an antioxidant which gets to neutralize the effects of the free elements in the air. Also, another common ingredient in majority of the products and it functions to protect your skin from the harmful effects of direct sunlight contact, is vitamin C. Alpha, poly and beta hydroxyl acids work as skin exfoliants by removing the outer skin layer of dead tissues and stimulating the growth of new skin cells in this layer.

So that the products can be effective, in most cases you have to use the product on a regular basis. The ingredient that is supposed to act as the anti aging ingredient has to come into contact with the skin for it to exert its effects. The lotions and the creams are the major two types of products that are available. The variation between the lotions and the creams is that even though both of them are a mixture of liquid and oil, the cream have got a greater percentage of oils than the lotions and creams are also heavier compared to the lotions. Another thing also is that the creams last for a long period time on the skin surface before they are completely absorbed due to their thickness which makes them penetrate the skin slowly.
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As a result of the fact that the different types of products that are there usually work differently, it is advisable that you get to select just one product and use it solely without combining it with another product. Combining the products may cause irritation to the skin or even cause a severe rash. When choosing the products, make sure that you read about the ingredients that they contain and also follow the given instructions when it comes to using them.The Essential Laws of Health Explained