Pet Names – Cool Names For Your Dog, Cat, Hamster Or Other Pet

So you’ve adopted or purchased a new pet – a dog, cat, hamster, fish, snake, parakeet or maybe a hermit crab. What’s next? Of course you’ll need to provide a good home – cage, aquarium, etc., and all the necessary supplies. But there’s still something missing – your pet will need a good name.

Maybe you’re drawing a blank when it comes to naming ideas. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible names. Hopefully this article will give you some ideas if you’re stuck, and give you a little direction if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

What color or colors is your pet? Many people like to name their pet based on coloring.

Names for a black pet – Midnight, Blackie, Jet, Inky, Shadow, Ebony, Pepper, Charcoal or Char

Is your pet white? Here are some possibilities – Snowy, Snowflake , Snowball, Frosty, Ice, Sugar, Winter, Ivory

Is your pet brown? Here are some suggestions – Brownie, Eartha , Clay, Coffee, Java, Sienna, Bear, Cub

Is your pet multi – colored? Try these – Patches, Freckles, Autumn , Calico or Callie, Confetti

Another factor to consider when trying to come up with a name is your pet’s personality or behavior. Here are some suggestions:

The pet that likes to jump – Cricket , Grasshopper, Hopper, Kanga or Roo

The aggressive or Alpha animal – Bandit, Bandito, Sergeant, Chief, Cleopatra or Cleo, Blanche, Queen or Queenie, King, Prince, Princess

Dog names taken from the entertainment field:

Benji – the title character of a series of movies.

Lassie – the title character of a television series and movies.

Astro – the family dog in the television show – the Jetsons.

Tramp – the lead male dog character in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” movie.

Lady – the lead female dog character in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” movie.

Snoopy – the dog character in the “Peanuts” comics and movies.

Pluto – famous “Walt Disney” dog.

Goofy – famous “Walt Disney” dog.

Dynomutt – a cartoon superhero dog.

Bruno – the dog character in the Disney movie – “Cinderella.”

Cat names taken from the entertainment field:

Felix – the title character of comic strips and films.

Garfield – the title character of comic strips, television and movies.

Simba – the main lion character in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Mufasa – Simba’s Father in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Sarabi – Simba’s Mother in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Scar – the villainous lion in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Tom – The cat in the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons and comics.

Sylvester – The cat in the “Sylvester and Tweety” cartoons.

Tigger – The tiger character in the “Winnie the Pooh” books and movies.

Rodent, Hamster or Mouse names taken from the entertainment field:

Fievel – the lead mouse character in Disney’s “American Tail” movies.

Bernard – A major mouse character in Disney’s “The Rescuers.”

Mickey – Disney’s comic and movie star male mouse.

Minnie – Disney’s comic and movie star …

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Herbal Healing for Cat and Dog Diabetes

Natural herbs have been used over the ages to manage blood-sugar levels in humans, without using insulin. Only recently has cat and dog diabetes become a problem due to lack of exercise combined with improper food habits. Here is my list of four healing herbs you can use to help your furry diabetic friend.

Cat and dog diabetes are common in North American pets, with the majority of pet owners turning to natural treatments for pets with diabetes. Using natural diabetic treatments for cat and dog diabetes allows owners of pets with diabetes to naturally lower blood glucose levels, reverse insulin resistance, stimulate natural insulin production and avoid painful injections – all with no side effects of any consequence.

The successful treatment of dog diabetes lies in four primary herbs whose beneficial actions have stood the test of time: Turmeric root, Gymnema sylvestre, Bitter Melon, and Fenugreek seeds. Steeped into a tea or as a natural herbal extract, each herb has its own properties to treat cat or dog diabetes and keep the animal in good health while balancing blood-sugar.

A major herb used for treating dog diabetes, turmeric root, is part of the ginger spice family. The herb has a slightly bitter flavor but also a hot peppery flavor with a mustard smell. It is also known as Indian Saffron or Curcuma longa and is native to tropical South Asia.

Turmeric Root plays a major role in combating insulin resistance, inflammation and a reduction in body weight. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, used in India for thousands of years. Turmeric has been used as a general pain reliever, to aid digestion, an antibiotic, a natural antiseptic, and for many years has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. There are numerous health problems that respond well to turmeric besides dog diabetes. These include

Alzheimer’s Disease
Colon cancer
Cystic fibrosis
Inflammation-related obesity
Insulin resistance
Liver problems
Pancreatic cancer
Type 2 diabetes

Gymnema sylvestre is part of Ayurvedic herbal medicine , nicknamed the “destroyer of sugar.” Chewing on its leaves reduces the taste of sugar in foods that enter the mouth. It originated from the tropical forests of central and western India, Australia and tropical Africa, and has been used as a natural diabetic treatment for close to two millennia. Only recently has Gymnema sylvestre entered the United States and Europe. Clinical studies show that Gymnema is an effective dog diabetes treatment, reducing blood sugar levels in dogs over time.

Bitter Melon

In 2008, a study by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica gathered four compounds from fresh bitter melon that was found to activate the enzyme AMPK. This is important because the enzyme AMPK is a protein that regulates fuel metabolism and enables glucose uptake to treat both human and dog diabetes with no known side effects.

“We can now understand at a molecular level why bitter melon works as a treatment for diabetes,” said Professor David James, Director …

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How Much Do You Know About Cat Parasites

As a caring pet owner, you want to do everything in your power to keep your tabby healthy and happy. Unfortunately, even the most diligent cat parent can’t keep parasites at bey. The most common pet parasite is worms, and there are several to look out for.

Parasites are easy to forget about because they tend to live anonymously in our carpets and or kitty’s intestines. However, some of them can make us and our pets very sick; a few are even fatal. It may not be the most palatable conversation to have, but here’s an overview of common cat parasites and what to do about them.


How Do Cats Get Parasites?

The main mode of transmission is through ingesting eggs. They’re present in feces, prey animals and the ground beneath our feet. Even strictly indoor animals aren’t immune to exposure. Eggs get under their claws or stick to their feet whenever they use the litter box and are swallowed in the course of grooming. Mousers are at high risk for parasites through consuming rodents and their fleas. Kittens can be exposed to parasites in-utero or through their mother’s breast milk while nursing.

Is There Any Way to Prevent Them?

We may not be able to rid our pets of parasites entirely unless we strictly control their movement However, 99 percent of parasites can be reduced or eliminated completely through being proactive and giving your pet medication to kill the eggs before they hatch and cause an infestation. Changing the litter box frequently, keeping cats indoors at all times and reducing the rodent population around the house are other ways to limit exposure.

What Are the Most Common Types of Feline Parasites?

There three common types of intestinal parasites that are common to domestic felines.

– Tapeworm: The Dipylidium caninum, aka tapeworm, is one of those parasites that goes unnoticed until it makes an appearance under the fur near the cat’s anus; look for something that appears to be a wriggling grain of rice. They’re transmitted by swallowing infected fleas, and they can be transferred to humans. Another, lesser known variety is the Taenia taeniaeformis. Non-vets can tell the difference by whether the cat has been giving flea protection but still has the signs of a tapeworm infection. Prescription meds for this type of worm are needed ASAP.

– Heartworm: This deadly parasites is most associated with dogs, but it’s actually more prevalent in felines. They’re spread through mosquito bites, so insect control will help. Prevention is preferable than having to treat and infection due to the high cost and low mortality rate in pets with heart worm. Your vet will recommend to correct type and schedule for heart worm inoculation.

– Toxoplasmosis: As scary as this disease is, and as deadly as it to humans who contract it, it’s not as easy to transmit as news reports would lead you to believe. Oocysts, the egg-like pods that carry the larvae, can be picked up while changing the litter …

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Cordless Stick Vacuums That Pick Up Pet Hair

Tips on Removing Animal Hair on the Carpet

If you have a furry pet, like dogs and cats, you must be used to seeing your feathers flying almost in all corners of the house. Of course this is enough to make you often clean the house. In addition to unsightly eyes, animal hair can also be one of the causes of allergies and various diseases for humans

One of the home furniture that is the gathering place for animal hair is carpet. This is certainly because the carpet can bind dirt into the fiber. Carpets consisting of lots of fiber are also ideal for animal hair to land smoothly there. Vacuuming the carpet regularly is the main thing you can do to remove as much animal hair as possible. In addition, you can also do tips on removing animal hair from the following rugs.

Cordless Stick Vacuums That Pick Up Pet Hair

  1. With a sponge

The equipment needed is a Cordless Stick Vacuums That Pick Up Pet Hair, a dry sponge, and a spray bottle filled with water. How:

  • Vacuum the carpet first thoroughly.
  • Spray water on the sponge until the sponge feels moist.
  • Apply a sponge to the entire surface of the carpet to lift the remaining hair.
  • Squeeze the sponge, then vacuum the hair caught on the sponge.
  • If it is still needed, repeat from the second step.
  1. With clothes softening liquid

The tools needed are clothes softening liquid, water, spray bottles, and vacuum. How:

  • Mix water with clothes softener liquid in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture to the entire surface of the carpet. Avoid spraying too much liquid because it will make the carpet wet.
  • Let the carpet dry a little first.
  • Vacuum the carpet as a whole. The clothes softener will help make animal hair more easily removed from the carpet.
  1. With baking soda

The tool needed is baking soda and vacuum. How:

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the entire surface of the carpet, then leave it for a few minutes.
  • Vacuum the carpet until clean baking soda is lifted.
  • Repeat the steps if needed.
  • If your carpet is too dirty, not only because of animal hair but also because of dust, dirt, food scraps, etc., it is a good idea to wash the carpet as a whole, either wash it yourself or use professional carpet cleaning services.
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Circumstances that Can Lead to Equine Losses


As a farm or ranch owner, you cannot foresee every circumstance that can cause you to lose money. Even if you have protective fences around your property and take the best care of your horses, you still might experience a disaster during which one or several of your horses may become injured or die.

Because a significant portion of your wealth might be linked to your livestock, you may want to ensure that you can recoup much or all of your losses during such circumstances. With an umbrella policy, property coverage, and horse business liability insurance , horse owners like you take the necessary steps to safeguard your equine investments.

Learning More about Qualifying Events

When you invest in one of these policies, you might wonder in what circumstances you can make a claim against or cash in the insurance. The website is designed to show you during what events these policies come in useful.

For example, if a horse is stolen off your property, you could lose thousands of dollars of revenue to your farm or ranch. You can invest in a policy that will pay out during instances of theft if the horse is not recovered. You may recoup much or all of what the horse is worth.

Likewise, if a horse succumbs to an illness or injury, you could have the losses covered by the policy written just for these circumstances. You could get money back that you paid out-of-pocket for vet bills and removal of the carcass. The policy can be written specifically to protect your equine investments against injuries and illnesses that are common for the age or breed of the horses.

Getting More Details

If you are interested in investing in this type of insurance for your horses, you may wonder what it will cost you in premiums and other expenses. You can use the contact information on the website to request a quote for a new policy. The agent can create a policy just for you and your horses, allowing you to get tailored coverage that will protect your agricultural income.

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Add Peace of Mind to Your Pet’s Health

Your pet decides to chew on plastic and they become ill. You buy a houseplant that your pet eats takes a bite out of. You unknowing discover it is very harmful and have to rush your pet to emergency pet care. Your pet suddenly becomes Superman and leaps to injure their paw. So many different scenarios can occur when rising a pet child and if you are not prepared the expenses associated with veterinary care can add up quickly. That is where pet insurance comes in handy. So, what is pet insurance? Pet insurance helps to cover the total or partial amount of veterinary expenses associated with treating an ill or injured pet. Primarily used to cover animals including dogs, cats, horses, and exotic pets, the pet is looked at as a form of property, with the owner of the property receiving reimbursement after the pet receives care. It is the owners responsibility to submit a claim to the insurance company to receive reimbursement.

After reaching a deductible, which is the amount the pet owner pays out of pocket before the insurance company contributes to expenses, pet owners are typically responsible for a percentage of the veterinary costs, ranging from 70-100% or when they can pay off a benefit schedule. Insurance policies and veterinary payment policies can vary as well with some veterinarian offices allowing pet owners to submit insurance claims first before paying out of pocket initially for expenses while some insurance companies pay the veterinarian directly. Additionally, there are two categories associated with pet insurance; non-lifetime and lifetime. Non-lifetime insurance covers most conditions a pet may encounter, but once renewal becomes available any claimed conditions will not be eligible for coverage. With the claimed condition arises in the renewal year the pet owner will be responsible for costs. Lifetime insurance covers a pet’s conditions throughout their lifetime and once renewed the following year the same coverage applies without exceptions. Although lifetime insurance has inclusive coverage various policies do have their own limitations, so it is suggested to consult with an expert pet insurance provider to guarantee the best pet insurance for dogs, cats, and other pet children alike.

When applying to insurance, it should also be noted that limitations do exist for pets that have pre-existing conditions. Overall, with the wide variety of pet insurance companies that are more readily available pet insurance offers pet owners the ability to customize coverage according to their pet’s health needs and budget with deductibles and co-insurance pricing being negotiable. To get the most out of this pet policy, pet owners are encouraged to do their own research regarding what is covered and what is not covered. Important questions to consider include if co-pays are required, do you have a choice of the hospitals or offices, are prescription drugs covered, what percentage of the bill will be the owner’s responsibility, etc. With the right research and policy selection pet insurance is a great way to offer pet owner’s added peace …

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Silo is not just a Storage FacilitySilo is not just a Storage Facility

Silo or farm tower for storing grain is a storage place of material in the form of granules and fluids. Usually the storage inside the silo must be in bulk form. The silo structure is made of steel or concrete. Reinforced concrete is the most common structural material in the manufacture of silos. This is because concrete can offer protection for the ingredients in it. In addition it requires less maintenance, and is relatively free from structural hazards (such as indentations).

The current silo function has a difference with the old silo. Currently silos not only as a means of storage, but have a greater role that is for manufacturing and distribution process. In addition silos are useful in the production process such as mixing, blending and proportioning. Now the distribution of materials stored in the silos causes a lot of demand for large capacity silos.

The Advantages of Storage with Silo

Storage with bulk systems inside silos has the following advantages:

  • Grains can be handled like fluid that can flow and facilitate the movement of materials.
  • No need for sack wrapping.
  • Quality control is more efficient and effective.
  • Silos need a place that is not wider than sack system storage in the same quantity.
  • Agricultural storage can also be done for longer periods with lower losses.

Storage Facility in Silo

Silos are used to store agricultural products, minerals, mineral processing, chemicals and industrial materials. The use of silos is not only for finished materials, but also for raw and semi-finished materials. Use of silos in groups or singles, sometimes as terminal goods for receiving and shipping of goods. Such terminals usually include multiple transport modes. Examples of silo use as a terminal are as follows: the material arrives by ship is then stored in the terminal for a while. After that it is channeled through trucks, trains or other ships for shipping to various places.

Basic Requirements Storage with Silo

Each will do the development with any type must have certain conditions. As with storage with Silo also has basic requirements, including:

  • The moisture content in the seeds should be low.
  • Grains should be free of dirt and dust.
  • Silos should be ventilated.
  • Must be watertight and unaffected by weather and free from the effects of solar radiation.
  • Equipped with conveyors and bucket elevators.

Material Considerations

The design process for the silo structure takes into account 2 things that is in terms of function and structural. The function design should be based on the volume of silo capacity, proper protection of the stored material, and the method of filling and discharging silos. The structure’s considerations are the stability, strength and control of the crack width and deflection. Expenses considered include:

  1. Load die from own weight of silo structure
  2. The live load, as follows:
  • Styles due to stored material.
  • Load due to charging and discharging silos.
  • Wind loads.
  • Earthquake load on structures and materials stored.
  • Temperature load from material.

Airtight storage in addition to inhibiting the biological activity of seeds, …

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The Best Advice on Dogs I’ve found

The Benefits of Pill Treats for Dogs

People who have their own dogs might love and value them so much, feeling that they are good friends, even members of the family. One who loves his or her dog, then, might feel so worried if his or her dog is sick, suffering from the problem of epilepsy or another kind of disease. One will be glad to know that today, small things like giving medicine to a dog can be made more enjoyable, and one of these is through pill treats. Finding the best pill treats for your dog, then, is definitely something that you should do, something that you will not regret, as it is sure to be greatly satisfying and beneficial, both for you and for your dog.

Pill treats for dogs are certainly beneficial in a lot of ways, one of which is the fact that when you use them, you can be sure that giving medicine to your dog will be a much easier task. One’s dog might not like taking medicine, and he or she can have a hard time getting it down the dog’s throat or trying to blend it in with the things that the dog eat. It is good to know that when people are able to find the best pill treats for dogs, they can be sure that their dogs will be eager to take their medication.

Finding the best source of pill treats for dogs is also something that is beneficial, as when you do, you can be sure that you will be able to select from between so many different kinds of pill treats. One’s dog might need medication for some serious illness that he is suffering, or he might only have a vitamin deficiency that can easily be cured by a few pills. One will be glad to know that for any of these kinds of medication, he or she can use pill treats, as they can be inserted into the treat and enjoyed greatly by the dog.

Finding the best pill treats for dogs is also something good, as you can be sure that your dog will just love the treats. This is because the treats will come in many flavors, and are sure to be very delicious and enjoyable for dogs.

One who is able to find the best source of pill treats for dogs, then, can be sure that when he or she does so, a lot of benefits can be enjoyed.…

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Discovering The Truth About Experts

Tips That Will Help You to Deal With Dog Feeding More Appropriately

It is quite a challenging job to care for the dog correctly. The fact that the younger dogs are not prone to many health complications make it more straightforward to manage them than the aged dog which has numerous cases relating to their health. Many of the individuals who possess dogs prefer to prepare for them in the kitchen or give to the dogs whatever it is that they are eating themselves. It is in this regard that there has been an increase of late in the number of producers manufacturing best dog food for boxers with an aim to tap the market that has grown tremendously. There is a need that you do not forget a few essential things when selecting the best dog food for boxer since the process in some instances can be very exhausting to your mind. Deliberated in this text are tips that will help you to deal with dog feeding more appropriately.

It is necessary that you adopt a habit of cooking for your dog. Foodstuff that is mainly designed for the dogs are the ones that you include in the diet that you seek to prepare for the dog. It is vital that you search internet to establish the best dog food for boxer. The mode in which the best dog food for boxers are manufactured gives them a wealth of nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the dog. The diet that best fits the health of your dog can be derived from this best dog food for boxers. The fact that the dogs can digest carbohydrates means that there is no harm in feeding them with these type of diet. It is good to remember that it is the health of your dog that is at stake and hence aim at maintaining it at its best.

There is a question of whether or not it is a correct to feed the dog with leftovers from your dish. There is no harm in feeding the dog remains of your dish although you have to ascertain that the diet will not affect the condition of the dog. Foods from your diet that cannot make the dog to abnormally increase its body mass index are the ones you should give to the dog.

Foodstuffs that are rich in vitamins are also on the list of the foods that can be supplied to the dog other than the best dog food for boxers. The volume of dry fruits you feed the dog should not be too much for it since it may make the dog to have stomach related problems. There is also a need to feed your dog with meat but ensure that the amount is low to prevent cases of obesity. Herbs can also be beneficial to the dog and you should feed them some herbs like cinnamon for the good of the health.…

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What You Should Know About Dogs This Year

Ways to Make Your Dog Have a Good Oral Health.

The oral health of a dog is a vital, and you should always ensure that it is in good condition. This is irrespective of its age or breed. A dog with a poor oral health may experience a fall out of teeth, sour gums, rotting tooth sockets, and infection among others. About 85% of dogs above four years have been reported to suffer a type of preconditioned disease.

Unfortunately, the mouths of dogs act as fertile ground for bacteria. This means that things can get uncontrollable easily. Some measures to make sure that your pet is in a good oral health are highlighted in the steps below.

First, you should schedule regular visits to the vet.

There are suggestions that dogs which are between one and ten years old should visit the vet at least one time a year. In case the dog develops other health issues, there would be need for more checkups. When checking the dog, the vet identifies more problems that the dog might be facing. Some vets have dentist team. There is a dentist in California veterinary professionals. This implies that all your dog’s problems will be treated in the same office.

You should also regularly brush your dog’s teeth.

There is need to give attention and care to teeth dog’s teeth, just in the same manner human beings take care of theirs. Many dog owners, however, feel that the process is not easy, and they might end up hurting their dog. If you, however, do it regularly and the dog realizes that it is not a hurting process, the dog might end up liking it. Initially, you can start cleaning the dog for 30 seconds and then increase the brush time with time.

When you notice bad breath, you should act accordingly.
A dog’s bad breath should serve as a warning sign. It is not right for a dog to have bad breath. You should visit the vet immediately you see that your dog has bad breath.

There is need that you give your dog that aids in dental health.

There are many aids to a dog’s oral needs in the form of toys, foods, and treats. This improves the oral health of your dog in a big way, although it is not meant to replace brushing your dog or taking it to a vet for checkups. These products are usually used to help in plaque and tartar control.

All the above steps can assist you in keeping your dog’s oral health under good control.…

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Reviewing Opportunities Through Dog Boarding Services

In Texas, traveling pet owners need a better solution for managing the care of their pets. They could hire a pet sitter to stay in their home; however, these arrangements could lead to further issues. Instead, they could choose a local resort for these accommodations. A local pet resort provides them with dog boarding packages to accommodate their dogs while they travel.

Comfortable Accommodations for All Dogs

The resorts provide comfortable accommodations for all dogs. The kennels come with a variety of beds for the dogs based on what they receive at home. They are decorated in calming colors to make the pet’s stay more pleasant as well. The pet owner can choose from a variety of accommodation levels based on their expectations.

Management of Safety at All Times

The staff at the resort keep a close eye on all dogs and make sure there aren’t any incidents. They place all the dogs in separate accommodations and prevent direct access. This lowers the risk of any accidents or injuries for all dogs that stay at the facility. The workers are trained to manage any potential issues if a disturbance were to occur.

Daily Grooming and Cleaning Services

The resort provides daily grooming and cleaning services for the dogs. The staff provides them with access to grooming products that condition the coat and keep the skin clear. The products also control pests and eliminate itchy conditions for the dogs. Additionally, their sleeping quarters are cleaned daily to keep them fresh.

Addressing Dietary Needs

The staff addresses the dietary needs of each dog as well. They provide them with amazing foods that provide adequate nutrition. If the dog has any health concerns, the staff can address these conditions. The staff also provides the dogs with adequate water throughout the day as well as treats.

In Texas, traveling pet owners review opportunities to accommodate their dogs when they travel. They need an accommodation for the pet that provides the dog with everything they need throughout the day and night. This includes comfortable accommodations to keep the dogs healthy and happy during their stay. Pet owners who need boarding services contact the local pet resort today. …

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What No One Knows About Animals

Give Your Dog Proper Care By Bringing Them To A California Veterinary Specialist

Does it cross your mind for once to look after your dog’s oral health? No matter what your dog’s breed or age is, any responsible dog owner must be able to know the real importance of oral health. According to California veterinary specialist, there are many different issues that may be rooted back to poor oral health of your dog such as rotting tooth sockets, gum infections etc. Reports from a number of vets as well stated that approximately 85 percent of dogs who are over 4 years old suffer from some type of periodontal disease.

The sad thing is that, dogs’ mouth is more of a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria meaning, it is fairly simple for things to go out of hand. For any loving and responsible pet owner, what has to be done is to be certain that the oral health of your pet is taken care of to steer clear of these problems from happening. In this case, there are several steps that you might like to do as what suggested too by California veterinary specialist.

Number 1. Schedule regular visits to the California veterinary specialist – if you aren’t able to remember the last time that you brought your dog to the vet to have its routine checkup, then the chances that it is overdue is high. It is recommended that normal and healthy dog is between ages of 1 to 10, must be visiting the vet annually for checkup. If the dog developed other health issues for instance, then they have to do frequent checkups.

On last check up, the vet will look inside their mouth and see if there are potential areas that may cause some problems. Some vets have designated staff that is dealing with dog dentistry. As an example, there are California veterinary specialist hire dentists to have someone deal with this matter. What is meant by this is, if there are issues in your dogs’ oral health, it can be dealt with right then and there in the clinic.

Number 2. Brush their teeth – your dog also needs the same level of attention and care in their teeth just like how you do in yours. There are a lot of dog owners who feel apprehensive when brushing the teeth of their dog and feel that their dog will give them a hard time. While it’s true initially, things are going to be easier once you get used to it.

Number 3. Bad breath shouldn’t be ignored – California veterinary specialist highly recommend to pet owners to not disregard bad breath from their dog as this can be an indication of a more serious problem in the end.

Supporting reference: my site

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