Hearing and Your Pet

Ever catch your cat staring at a blank wall and wonder why?

More than likely she was listening to sounds coming from inside the wall.

Did you know that a “whole tone” (like in music) that we can hear, a cat hears it as 10 separate tones.

A cat can hear ultrasonic sounds (high pitched) that we cannot even imagine.

Dogs on the other hand are equipped with ears that hear the lower spectrum of sounds. They cannot hear as well as cats, but have a range of about 250 yards away, while a human is lucky if it can hear something that is 15 to 20 yards away.

A dog’s hearing is dependent its size. A small dog has small ears and can hear high pitched sounds almost as good as a cat can, while a large dog is better equipped to hear low sounds.

Research has shown that with the passage of time humans have lost some of the sharpness of their hearing and cats and dogs have sharpened theirs.

Nature has given humans a less complex set of ears, while our pets are blessed with superior pieces of machinery.

The outside of you pet’s ear is like a satellite dish that picks up the sound waves and moves them down the ear canal to an organ called the Corti, which has more than 7,500 working parts.

Your voice becomes a sound wave that then travels through miles of nerves, until it gets to the brain and your pet hears what you are saying.

Did you know that puppies and kittens are deaf for the first 2 weeks of life. During that time their hearing is really the picking up of body vibrations, so they are actually feeling your words instead of hearing them.

The ear canals open up little by little, and by the time they are 4 weeks old their hearing is almost up to Mom’s standards.

Cats really like high pitched voices better than lower level voices. Cats are more apt to pay attention to words that are spoken with a higher pitch.

Since we usually talk to our pets in our normal voices, most of the time they rather ignore us. If you want to get their attention, change the tone of your voice, speak some words softly, others a little more loudly and whisper to them. It is guaranteed to get their interest.

We humans use our ears for hearing and sometimes for adornment, our pets however, use their ears to convey their feelings.

Ears, along with other body parts, are all a part of a dog or cat’s language.

In many cases the shape of a dog’s ear depended on its job.

In a dog’s world ears have evolved from the pointy straight-up ears, wolves have, to the many looks of today, all dependent on what the dog was bred for.

The straight-up ears or the semi straight-up ears that you find on German Shepherds, Collies and most Terriers are great for …

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Safe Air Travel Tips for Pets

If you are going to fly soon along with your pet then it is the time that you start planning for it. There are certain things that you need to consider when your pet is getting ready for an air travel. Before you begin the journey your pet must be ready for it. This assumes that you should get him checked by a vet and ensure that your pet has obtained all the required vaccinations. It's important for you to discuss your air travel plans with the vet as he may recommend some important things.You also need to consider the temperament of your pet. The following are some safe air travel tips for your pet that will help to make your trip safe and happy.

– Health Certificate
Majority of the nations require a health certificate of the pet. Generally, the certificate should be dated not more than 10 days before the date of departure. This certificate has to be carried out with you all the time, as you may require showing it at various locations or checking points.

– Plan
You should plan your journey in advance, thereby giving plenty of time to the pet to deal with the normal air travel. This will not only help your pet but also make you calm and relaxed as you do not have to be involved in any last minute preparations.

– Choose Right Pet Carrier
You need to select the right pet carrier airline. Typically, carriers are of two types, ie, soft sided and hard sided. The soft sided carriers are much more suitable for carrying as they can easily fit under the seat. The carrier should be big enough to allow your pet to lie down comfortably, stand up as well as turn around. It should also be properly ventilated.

– Opt for Direct Flights
Changing plans during a journey is not only inconvenient for the passenger but also for pets. It causes undue stress to your pet and makes him more anxious. So, try to opt for direct flights as much as possible.

– Avoid Feeding
You must not feed your pet for at least 5-6 hours before you go for air travel. You can however give small amounts of water before the start of the journey.

As soon as you reach your destination, open the cage and examine your pet thoroughly. In case you see any signs of sickness or illness, contact a vet immediately. …

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Jeweled Dog Collars

Dog collars are used for different purposes. Some use the dog collar to train their dog, some use it to identify their pets, and then there are some who use jeweled dog collars. What helps you decide when to use the different types of collars. I personally believe that a dog collar should not be used for a choke hold on the dog. That seems more abusive than training to me. Training of a dog should begin as soon as one adopters their pooch. If your dog has a habit of running around the park or the neighborhood, there are chances that he could get lost or picked up by the pound. If your dog has a collar with his name and other identifications on it, it would be easier to get your pet back.

There are some dog owners / lovers who use the dog collar as part of jewelry. There are many varieties of jeweled dog collars. Some are leather or imitation leather with a row of jewels, rhinestones, precious stones or even diamonds. These are still at the useful purpose status. A leash may still be attached to this type of collar. There are pendants in different colors and types of jewels that can be attached to the collar just as one attaches a pendant to a necklace.

Then there are the collars that are really only for adornment. These could be made of strings of jewels or maybe just one string of jewels, and matching hair clips. The wealthy dog ​​owner can afford to have diamonds, rubies and emeralds in these collars. Many have matching jewelry created for themselves and their pooches. These dogs live the high society life, with designer dog clothes, designer dog food and special dog food dishes all customized for them. These dog collars are simply for the purpose of adornment, as humans wear necklaces and earrings and other jewelry. So the jeweled dog collars are really not serviceable, and used for the adornment of the pet. Usually, the pets who wear this type of jewelry, are close to their owners and probably are carried in a designer bag or purse. The small dogs so become part of the accessory of the dog owner. …

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Choosing a Dog Day Care

If you are going to enroll your dog or puppy in a day care service, it is recommended that you case out day cares with scrutiny the same way that you might scrutinize out a school for one o your kids. You should take a tour of each individual facility and ask a lot of pertinent questions each step along the way. You will of course only wish to place your dog into the hands of a facility that you trust. Here are a few tips:

1. Apart from searching online, ask other dog owners for referrals of places they have used and check with your local pet store, veternarians and also your grooming parlor for references. You can also call the American Boarding Kennel Association for a list of their members.

2. Dog day cares should be clean with a minimum odors. It is difficult to avoid at least some hint of a doggie smell, but avoid any putrid-smelling place.

3. Dogs should be well supervised. Note the dog-to-staff ratio to be certain that there are enough care givers to provide for proper supervision.

4. Make certain that each individual facility that you visit allows you to see exactly where your animal will be sleeping and eating. Stay clear of places that refuse to let you visit parts of the facility.

5. Get a feel for the staff. Are they knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating?

6. Does the place require proof of vaccinations and spay/neutering? If not, don’t send your pet there.

7. All facilities must clean with agents that kill bacteria and virus, rinsing well afterwards.

8. All facilities must have a relationship with a local veterinarian so that if there is a problem, help is surely on the way. Ask the name of the veterinarian and make a phone call to the clinic, just to be sure.

9. Visit places without an appointment.

In addition, it should be noted that many pet spas are now giving parents the option of self-serve as well as full-serve pet grooming.

We all know that getting our pets cleaned and groomed can be expensive and trying to do it yourself at home can get chaotic and messy. With self-serve pet spas, you have the best of both worlds.

To top it all off, at a self-serve pet spa, you can make your mess and leave it all behind … water and bubbles everywhere! The staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the stations after each client.…

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Dog Training Guide on Debarking Surgery

One of the most controversial subjects in the field of dog training is the question of debarking surgery. Debarking surgery is a procedure designed to minimize the volume of a dog's bark. It is generally used by those with dogs who have both a loud bark and a tendency to bark incessantly. The procedure is most commonly used on very loud larger dog breeds. Shetlands and collies, for instance, make up a large percentage of those dogs subordinated to the surgery.The procedure generally requires the use of a general anesthesia and involves punching, cutting or otherwise manipulating the tissue around a dog's vocal chords to soften or significantly reduce His ability to bark. Access the areas targeted during the surgery can come either through the dog's mouth or via an incision on the dog's neck.

Debarking does not, usually, complete eliminate dog's bark. The volume of the bark is decreased substantially by the surgery, but most dogs will still have some bit of "bark" left subsequent to surgery. It is sometimes referred to a bark softening for this reason.

Not surprisingly, debarking is a very contentious issue, with experts having lined up on each side of the argument. Some advocating debarking as a helpful last-resort for incessant barkers while others maintain the process is cruel and unnecessary.

The Debarking Advocates

Those who support the continued use of debarking procedures argument that it is generally pursued only in egregious circumstances. Only dogs who have been resistant to alternative methods of reducing their excessive barking tend to be subject to the procedure. The surgery is reserved, the say, for problematic pets when no workable alternative exists and when the nature of the dog's bark makes them a legitimate nuisance-not merely an inconvenience.

They argue that the debarking surgery, if conducted by a properly trained veterinarian creates a more pleasant life for the dog. No longer subject to constant criticism and correction for his barking, the dog's quality of life is enhanced.

Some have even maintained that the debarking process saves dogs' lives. They state that dogs with constant barking issues are often abandoned by owners or given to Shelters and promptly euthanised as result of a barking problem that can be surgically corrected. Proponents of debarking see the surgery as a form of behavior modification can be a great benefit to frustrated humans as well as the dogs themselves.

The Debarking Detractors

Those who oppose debarking operations often do so on the grounds of inhumanity. They object to the surgery on principle, noting the dog has no ability to consent to the action and that since since it is not a health-related matter, the elimination of a dog's bark via surgery is simply moral wrong. There is no justification to expose the dog to the risk of surgery for the mine sake of convenience, they will argue.

Additionally, they note that the surgery does nothing to eliminate the undering reasons for the dog's constant barking. The dog is likely to continue to …

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Real Original Pillow Pets Are Are Best Friends For Life

Whenever true original pillow pets are mentioned, the image of those adorable and cuddly stuffed animals instantly comes into your mind. It looks like no one can really resist the charms of these pillow pets – not even teens and parents. So, just what do you really get when you buy real original pillow pets?

Buying real original pillow pets is like getting three things for the price of one. First, you'll get a soft and plush pillow that you or your kids could use during naptime – it's really comfy. You can also bring these pillows along to keep your kids company during your long travels. They not only have a pillow and a pet, but also a friend for life – that's how durable these products are.

There are currently 22 pet varieties that you can choose from. They include: Magical Unicorn, Ms. Ladybug, Sir Horse, Squeaky Dolphin, Comfy Panda, and Buzzy Bumble Bee.

You actually do everything in the house – clean the house, take care of the kids, and do the laundry – and the last thing you want to deal with is dirty stuff toys that are absolutely hard to clean. You would not have such problems with authentic pillow animals. You just throw them in the washer, set it on gentle cycle, and you'll get them looking all brand new again. Unlike cheap knock-offs, they do not get damaged easily, no matter how you keep pulling on them (do not keep doing it though).

An authentic pillow animal is really a friend to your children. Since they're not fitted with any electronic or mechanical parts and the buttons are securely stitched, they are easy to clean, so germs or allergens will not cause a problem with your child's health. In fact, these products are proud recipients of the iParenting Media Award, which recognizes the exceptional quality of the pillows.

When shopping for these products, you should always be wary of cheap imitations. Always look for the "My Pillow Pets TM" label on the back leg portion of the animal pillow.That way, you'll rest assured that you are really buying the real original pillow pets. …

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Dog Care Secrets – How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Dog

Fleas. The word that dog owners fear and squirm by mentioning it. They are small, wingless insects that feed off the blood of mammals. It is a fact that a single flea can bite your dog more than 400 times a day.

In addition to fleas, dogs can also be the misfortunate victims of tick bites. Brown tick bites is the only species found in Singapore and this tick bites dogs only. So now you know that these bloodsuckers are present in our environment, you should also know how to identify their presence! If you find them on your dog, black granules that resemble black pepper, you have hit flea dirt. This is flea faeces and consistants of digested blood.

Ticks are easier to spot than fleas. A tick which has fed on your dog will have a swollen abdomen containing your dog's blood. If only a few ticks are present on an animal, they may be plucked off individually. You would probably see a raised red area if the tick was embedded. This is quite normal and not a cause for panic. Do not worry if you are unable to remove the entire tick. Usually, your dog will eventually eliminate it like any other foreign material in the body. Aside from being a nuisance, fleas and ticks can also spread diseases and other parasites. Fleas can carry tapeworm eggs which end up inside the body when they ingest the flea while grooming. However, tapeworms are usually not pathogenic in dogs; Since they do not cause much of a problem. Fleas can also cause allergies in dogs. Prolonged exposure to fleas bites can result in itchy skin, scratching and chew flanks and hair loss.

The brown dog ticks can transmit blood parasites which can cause destruction to the red blood cells and results in anemia. The dog infected with any of these blood parasites becomes a carrier for life. Over-the-counter fleas treatment can be easily bought and administered at home. It is important to note that fleas infestation is not only for your dog but also for your house.

All pets and its environments must be treated to eradicate fleas. Tackling the problem today, we have a wide array of pest control products such as powder and spot-on treatments. The most basic would be a fine-toothed comb to remove fleas from your pet's coat. However, do remember that although pesticide is meant to kill fleas, it can be toxic for our pet as well. The wrong dosage may harm your pet. Get the advice of your vet before choosing products for your pets. A parasite-free animal is not difficult to achieve. A combination of vigilance and regular grooming will keep both you and your pet free from the worries of these pests. …

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Dog Costumes and Dog Boots – Staying Safe and Warm for the Holidays

It won’t be long before autumn rolls around and owners will be shopping for things like dog clothes and dog boots for winter and dog costumes for the holidays. Halloween is a big chance to have a lot of fun with your pet dressing up. Most dogs and even some cats and other pets will love the attention they get in an outfit, and will also love how much better their paws feel on dangerous ground. Usually, the pads on animals’ feet are enough to protect them, but because of human actions like pouring salt or other chemicals in the grass and on the pavement, sometimes our pets need extra protection. This can even be true in the spring and summer, with pesticides being sprayed everywhere. Two big reasons that costumes and booties are so useful during the cold holidays are warmth and road safety while out on a walk.

Dogs do have a natural coat, and this is normally enough to protect them, but many breeds, especially the short-haired and tiny ones, need something to help keep in heat when the temperature drops into the 30’s and 40’s. Domestic dogs are not like their wild relatives that still have adaptations to survive cold weather. Some breeds, like the Husky or German Shepard, do have many of them, but even these canines need some protection in the most extreme cases. Many small dog costumes are warm and thick enough to keep a trick or treating pooch comfy while he’s out, so it’s an added bonus to the pet parent. Jut make sure that the clothing is made of warm material before buying, since a costume can also be made out of thin polyester. If your dog is going to be at an indoor party, a thin costume is actually desirable, so that he won’t overheat.

Dog boots are becoming a widely used item since there is a growing need for them. Now, even the dogs that race the Iditarod in Alaska each year are outfitted with them for a better performance. Your little canine may not be a racer, but he definitely needs the protection from any harmful substances on the ground, and he can be seen easier by cars at night if the boots have reflective strips on them, which many do.…

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Do You Think I Should Get a Dog?

The short answer is, of course, yes! If you never had the fortune to grow up with dogs, or to know a friend who had a dog, you do not know the amazingly fun times you are missing! Depending on where you live and what kind of dog is right for you, you can take it swimming, hunting, walking around, on the bus, on a jog, or simply just to the dog park to meet other like-minded dog owners. While there are many considerations to go over as to if a dog is right for you and your current situation (do you have the time?), Dogs are scientifically proven to be good for the person who owns them and Their family. So, if you have a house with a nice backyard and have a spare hour a day, get looking for a new sidekick! Following are some of the most impressive reasons that owning a dog is not just a costly endeavor.

One good thing about owning a dog is that they will help you live longer. That's right! While pets provide their owners with the love and company they so desire, it is difficult to say exactly why people who own dogs live longer. There is evidence that dogs can help you reduce your blood pressure! This article probably does not have to tell you how fun it can be to play with your dog, cuddle with your dog, or just hang around and watch your dog experience new things. Well, owning a pet can lower your blood pressure as effectively as if you were to start eating a low-salt diet or restricting how much alcohol you drink. So get a dog, then grab a beer. This is why many hospitals and retirement community centers hire on a dog to come in and engage in "animal therapy" with the patients and residents: not only does it help old people by reducing their blood pressure and offering them a distraction from any worries or Sad thoughts in their lives, but it also acts as a calming presence that eliminates loneliness. At this point in the article it is already clear that dogs are somewhat of a wonder cure for many of life's ills!

Studies by the US Department of Health have come to the conclusion that pets assisted victims of heart attacks-the study reads that 28% of heart patients who also had pets survived "serious heart attacks", while only about 6% of people without pets made It through. If that's not enough, you can also measure how much good it does to own a dog by measuring your before-and-after waistline. A recent study has concluded that pet owners had 2% lower cholesterol than those without pets, and those pet owners' chance of going through cardiac arrest was reduced by 4%.

Not only are dogs good for you, but they are good for your kids, too. You do not need to read studies to view the delight on children's faces as …

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Dog Clothes as Dog Costumes – Creative Tips To Save Money

Every year when Halloween rolls around, one of the most enjoyable sights is seeing dogs, cats and other pets dressed up in a costume. Dog costumes have become a very popular item for man's best friend over the past few years, but that has had a few negative side effects. Some companies are going to try and cash in by overcharging for simple canine Halloween outfits that are not even that special to begin with. There are many stores that offer great costumes at low prices, though, so it's not impossible to find a good deal for your spooky hound. That being said, some owners like to design and make their own costumes, and this can work very well. Of course, it can be a disaster, too if you're not careful, so listen to these few tips on putting together an adorable outfit at below budget cost.

There are many creative possibilities for a pet parent to make a fun and adorable Halloween costume perfect for trick-or-treating or a party. As I said before, it is possible to get a wide variety of character costumes like pirate pooch or cowboy canine at a low price, but you can make a unique outfit of your own with some regular dog apparel and a few items from around the house . For example, if you want to make your little furry one a jogger for Halloween, then all you need are some sporty looking dog boots and a hooded sweater. Look around the house to see if you can find some small hair bands to put on your pooch's arm as an exercise arm band. You could even make your own canine superhero outfit. All you need are some regular dog booties and a small cloth or blanket to make a cape. If all else fails, you can get some temporary hair paint that is used on kids and paint your dog's coat. It's washable and non-toxic, so it's a great, cheap way to join your hound into the festivals. …

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