We All Love Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are one of the precious possessions of kids. It would not be wrong to say that adults love to have stuffed animals too. Stuffed animals are stuffed with straws, beans, cotton or other substances. This is not a new trend but can be saw way back in the history. It can be seen in the ancient Egyptian civilization where it can be seen in the paintings done on the tombs that they had used stuffed animals not only for religious purposes but also for children's entertainment.

It is also seen that in the middle ages of Europe there were stuffed animals used in plays to symbolize the animals in the Bible like lions, serpents etc. Therefore the stuffed toys have been present since centuries. Since the middle of the 17th Century when the world was taking a turn towards industrialization, the production of toys started on a large scale and since this was an untapped area, the companies turned their attention towards making stuffed animals on a large scale.

The production of stuffed animals on a large scale brought huge financial returns to the companies and this was then considered a complete business entity in itself. The most common stuffed animals these days are the teddy bears, sock monkeys, rabbits, hamsters, hippos. The production of stuffed animals is a complete industry in itself and the company who is known as the pioneer of stuffed animals is Steiff located in Germany. Among Steiff, other commercial manufacturers are Ty, Gund, Russ Berrie and Build-A-Bear Workshop etc. …

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Real Original Pillow Pets Are Are Best Friends For Life

Whenever true original pillow pets are mentioned, the image of those adorable and cuddly stuffed animals instantly comes into your mind. It looks like no one can really resist the charms of these pillow pets – not even teens and parents. So, just what do you really get when you buy real original pillow pets?

Buying real original pillow pets is like getting three things for the price of one. First, you'll get a soft and plush pillow that you or your kids could use during naptime – it's really comfy. You can also bring these pillows along to keep your kids company during your long travels. They not only have a pillow and a pet, but also a friend for life – that's how durable these products are.

There are currently 22 pet varieties that you can choose from. They include: Magical Unicorn, Ms. Ladybug, Sir Horse, Squeaky Dolphin, Comfy Panda, and Buzzy Bumble Bee.

You actually do everything in the house – clean the house, take care of the kids, and do the laundry – and the last thing you want to deal with is dirty stuff toys that are absolutely hard to clean. You would not have such problems with authentic pillow animals. You just throw them in the washer, set it on gentle cycle, and you'll get them looking all brand new again. Unlike cheap knock-offs, they do not get damaged easily, no matter how you keep pulling on them (do not keep doing it though).

An authentic pillow animal is really a friend to your children. Since they're not fitted with any electronic or mechanical parts and the buttons are securely stitched, they are easy to clean, so germs or allergens will not cause a problem with your child's health. In fact, these products are proud recipients of the iParenting Media Award, which recognizes the exceptional quality of the pillows.

When shopping for these products, you should always be wary of cheap imitations. Always look for the "My Pillow Pets TM" label on the back leg portion of the animal pillow.That way, you'll rest assured that you are really buying the real original pillow pets. …

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Dog Costumes and Dog Boots – Staying Safe and Warm for the Holidays

It won’t be long before autumn rolls around and owners will be shopping for things like dog clothes and dog boots for winter and dog costumes for the holidays. Halloween is a big chance to have a lot of fun with your pet dressing up. Most dogs and even some cats and other pets will love the attention they get in an outfit, and will also love how much better their paws feel on dangerous ground. Usually, the pads on animals’ feet are enough to protect them, but because of human actions like pouring salt or other chemicals in the grass and on the pavement, sometimes our pets need extra protection. This can even be true in the spring and summer, with pesticides being sprayed everywhere. Two big reasons that costumes and booties are so useful during the cold holidays are warmth and road safety while out on a walk.

Dogs do have a natural coat, and this is normally enough to protect them, but many breeds, especially the short-haired and tiny ones, need something to help keep in heat when the temperature drops into the 30’s and 40’s. Domestic dogs are not like their wild relatives that still have adaptations to survive cold weather. Some breeds, like the Husky or German Shepard, do have many of them, but even these canines need some protection in the most extreme cases. Many small dog costumes are warm and thick enough to keep a trick or treating pooch comfy while he’s out, so it’s an added bonus to the pet parent. Jut make sure that the clothing is made of warm material before buying, since a costume can also be made out of thin polyester. If your dog is going to be at an indoor party, a thin costume is actually desirable, so that he won’t overheat.

Dog boots are becoming a widely used item since there is a growing need for them. Now, even the dogs that race the Iditarod in Alaska each year are outfitted with them for a better performance. Your little canine may not be a racer, but he definitely needs the protection from any harmful substances on the ground, and he can be seen easier by cars at night if the boots have reflective strips on them, which many do.…

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Keeping a Pet on the Road

If you're a truck driver, you know how lonely it can be while you're making a run. Some consider keeping a pet on the road but are unsure if that's a wise idea. Here are some guidelines for over-the-road driving with a pet on board.

Which type of pet would be best suited for long haul traveling? Probably the animal best-suited for traveling long distances would be a dog. How many times have you been driving down the highway and see a dog gleefully riding with its head out the window, wind blowing in their faces? Dogs and driving seem to just go together.

Before putting your dog into the truck and taking off, you may want to be sure they like to ride. A couple of weeks before your trip, start taking your dog out for short, close-to-home trips. If they ride well, extend the length of the trips until you're gone for a couple of hours at a time. If your dog does not ride well by getting sick or acting angry, it would probably be best to leave them at home.

Be sure that you have time to stop and give your dog a potty break and a chance to stretch its legs. Remember to take your dog to tie itself before you do the same for yourself. They can not control them as well as you can.

Food and water are important for your pet as it is for you. You may choose not to leave food out for your pet while you're driving. Instead you can feed them when you stop to get something for yourself. Remember to let them out of the cab each time you stop.

One thing you'll need to keep up-to-date is your dog's vaccinations and make sure you have a license for it. Of course, you'll want to keep copies of these papers in your truck. It's illegally that you'll ever need them, but it's better to have them and not need them, than to have your dog impounded.

You may want to check with your veterinarian to see if there are any first aid items you'll need for your pet while you're away. Do not use products for people on your animals-it could be deadly. It would also be a good idea to keep a copy of your dog's veterinary records with you in case you have to see a vet while on the road.

Do not forget, no matter how much your four-footed friend may like to do so, it is best to keep it on a leash when not in your truck. An extra leash and collar may be wise things to have with you. You may also need to bring along a dog crate.

If you plan on stopping overnight at a hotel, you may want to verify with the hotels on your route what their policy is relating pets. Many hotels do not mind pets as long as they are crated overnight. This helps cut …

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The Reasons Why Kids Love Stuffed Animals

There simply must be an answer to why children getting attached to teddy bears or blanket. Actually, there is not just one reason, but there are many reasons. With each different reason is a different child with their own unique story.

The most common reason for this attachment to stuffed animals is the fear of darkness. Little children tend to be afraid of the dark. Therefore, they seek comfort from they're favorite teddy bear or stuffed bunny. This comfort comes from their sense of friendship the get from this special item. Being young, they may not have that many friends yet. This gives children the chance to imagine that their special item is the best friend ever.

Perhaps the teddy bear that these children hold so dear was given to them by a very special person. For example, a grandmother that has passed away or even just their loving parents going out of their way to make their child happy. That would definitely create some good memories. The certain smell of that item may also bring back some good times. For instance, the stuffed toy that the child is so attached to may smell like that apple pie that Aunt May used to make. This is all described in one word; Memories.

The life of a child can be filled with ambiguity and clinging on tightly to a special toy gives them a great amount of security of having something familiar right beside them along the way. Toys give children the opportunity to express themselves imaginatively through the use of role play. They are uncomplaining friends that will never tell the child that it is "much too rainy to play" or "I do not want to be your friend anymore" and they will be strong against a barrage of conflicting feelings and treatment, so helping your Child build up an emotional awareness of his or her surroundings.

Children have a tendency to outgrow their special toys when they start school. However, for others, even after we have grown to full adulthood, it can still be a comforting thing to take out an old and much loved friend and hold them for a while. There is no harm in a child clinging to a stuffed animal. Just be glad that your child has a sense of security and comfort should they ever feel lonely or scared. That would be a load of your back. …

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My Pillow Pets – Play and Sleep

Children simply love toys and My Pillow Pets is one of the latest products in the market that has got the attention of children world over. With Christmas round the corner, this can truly be one of the most special gifts for your kids. With the passage of time, various concepts of toy making have evolved and the latest concept is the My Pillow Pets, which is a multi utility product that can act both as a pillow and as a soft toy. It is just a fun filled joyride for kids as they can spend time with the toy, play around with it, and then again enjoy a comfortable sleep with it on the bed.

The house also looks pretty organized with the availability of My Pillow Pets unlike the other toys that can not be taken to bed as a pillow by the kids. As a result of this, the toys are not scattered all over the house and the entire place looks neat and clean. They offer parents the peace of mind and also the satisfaction of giving their kids something that they love. There are a variety of interesting features that My Pillow Pets offer. They are available in the form of different kinds of animals.

To make them even more attractive to kids, special names have been provided to the toys. Some of these special names of My Pillow Pets include Sir Horse, Cowardly Lion etc. The kids can just play around with the toy, never get bored, and put up less pranks in the house which always acts as a worrying factor for the parents. These toys are made from very good quality chenille. This is quite a durable textile and gives the toys a very plush look and soft feel. It is also safe on the skin. …

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Seven Secrets To Choosing A Safe, Healthy Pet Food

Do you choose canned food or dry food? What brand? There are so many different brands, all shapes and sizes of pet food to choose from and pet owners are provided with very little information to base your decisions on (other than advertising) – it can get so confusing! Well, buckle your seatbelt depending on how much you know of the pet food industry, this could be a bumpy ride! You are about to learn seven secrets – well kept secrets – of pet food. Sit back, brace yourself, and keep reading.

Beneful says it’s ‘Premium Dog Food for a Happy, Healthy Dog’ and sells for around $18.00 for a 31 lb. bag, Science Diet “promises” ‘precisely balanced nutrition through continuous research and the highest quality food backed by your Vets endorsement’ and sells for around $21.00 for only a 20 lb bag. Then there are numerous pet foods that make the very same statements – ‘Premium Dog Food, Highest Quality’ – that sell for $30.00 or more for a 20 lb bag. And the same holds true for cat owners…Do you choose Whiskas that states ‘Everything we do is about making cats happy!’ or do you choose one of those high end cat foods that make the very same claim of a happy, healthy cat but cost 3 times as much?

Now with the on-going pet food recall pet owners have questions such as ‘Has this food been recalled?’ or ‘Is this food the next one to be recalled?’…’Is my pet safe?’ Wow this is confusing! And scary too! What exactly is a pet owner to do? How about learning a few secrets! Equipped with the knowledge of a few secrets of pet food, it’s not nearly as confusing.

Secret #1…

All pet foods use descriptive words like choice and premium, though few of them actually use premium or choice ingredients in their food. The ‘secret’ is that per the rules of the pet food industry, no pet food can make any claims or references on their label or advertising as to the quality or grade of ingredients. You see, the word ‘premium’ when it’s related to pet food DOES NOT mean that the ingredients in the food are premium. With pet foods, premium does not (can not) describe the food nor does it (can it) describe the quality of the food. It is a marketing term and that is all. Per the pet food industries own rules and regulations, “There are no references to ingredient quality or grade” (regulation PF5 d 3). So, words like premium, or choice, or quality are just marketing or sales terms. They should not be interpreted as terms describing the quality of the food.

Now why wouldn’t a pet food label be allowed to tell a prospective customer the quality of their ingredients? Doesn’t a pet owner deserve to know what they are buying? This leads me to the next secret…


If I can compare ‘people’ food to pet food for just …

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Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent Reviews – PetSafe Outdoor Bark Deterrent

Many dogs especially small dogs will tend to bark at just about anything, some dogs will bark for territorial reasons, others will do it as a way to communicate fear, protection and show excitement. Barking is a natural and normal for all breeds of dogs, however as we are forced to live closer to each other the constant barking can be a nuisance to yourself and your neighbors.

Being able to train your dog to bark only when it is appropriate can be an essential part of good dog ownership. There are many products on the market that are very effective in this, one of the most popular products is the PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterent.

In order to get the best results when training a dog to do anything you first need to understand why they do a particular behavior in the first place.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Often a dog will bark for instinctual reasons, something may be wrong or to help protect the family. It can also be a way for your dog to communicate something that they need like food or to go to the bathroom and many dogs will bark around other dogs and animals as a way of interacting.

Before you can effectively eliminate the cause and remove the reason why your dog is barking you must determine what the triggers are make your dog bark. This will make the training a lot easier and a lot more effective.

Understand The Training

Many dog ‚Äč‚Äčtrainers will tell you that before you can effectively train a dog you first need to understand the training and know your dog. What this means is that you understand what the dog goes though and experiences through the training, this helps prevent confusing your dog and contradiction in your training.

The PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent or hand held devices are excellent training tools if used correctly and understand a little bit about your dogs behavior.

All training takes time and constant correction, sure training tools and device like the PetSafe outdoor Ultrasonic bark deterrent will help speed up the training time and be a great help and with the correct use and training you can teach your dog from barking in specific situations.

Your goal is not to have your dog to completely stop barking as there are many times when their bark is welcomed and could help prevent from a break in or some other catastrophic event. To ensure you get the best results train yor dog for one thing at a time and do not rush the training. By doing this you will end up with a well behaved dog. …

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Slippery Elm – Your Pet’s Best Holistic Friend

Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva) is an exception to the fears and cautions surrounding the use of herbs in animals. It is very safe and non-toxic. The part of the tree used is the inner bark, which is soft and stringy. Simplest to use is the powdered form, which can be purchased in bulk, or pre-packed in capsules, at most health food stores. It is readily available over the Internet from herb suppliers.

Herbalists attribute many wonderful healing properties to Slippery Elm: demulcent (soothing, mucilage-forming), emollient (soothing and protective for skin), nutritive (providing specific food nutrients), tonic (promoting healthy function of one or more body systems), and astringent (constricting, binding or drying effect). It can be used both internally and externally. Slippery Elm is one of the herbs used in the original formulation of “Essiac,” an herbal brew widely promoted as a cancer-fighter.

In the gastro-intestinal tract, Slippery Elm acts directly. It can be thought of as a sort of natural  “Pepto-Bismol.” (Pepto-Bismol itself should not be used because it contains salicylate, a.k.a. aspirin). Its mucilage content coats, soothes, and lubricates the mucus membranes lining the digestive tract. Slippery Elm is an excellent treatment for ulcers, gastritis, colitis, and other inflammatory bowel problems. It is high in fiber, and so helps normalize intestinal action; it can be used to relieve both diarrhea and constipation. It may also help alleviate nausea and vomiting in pets suffering from non-GI illnesses, such as kidney disease. A syrup made from Slippery Elm Bark can be used to help heal mouth ulcers from all causes (see recipe below).

Slippery Elm is said to relieve inflammation of virtually any mucus membrane, and has been used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the lungs (bronchitis, asthma), kidneys, bladder (cystitis, FLUTD symptoms), throat (tonsillitis), and joints (arthritis).

Slippery Elm contains many nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene,  calcium, and several trace minerals) that can be beneficial for recuperating pets, and it may stay down when other foods are not tolerated. It is known as a “survival” food; George Washington and his troops survived for days during the bitter winter at Valley Forge eating nothing but gruel made from Slippery Elm bark. However, Slippery Elm may interfere with the absorption of certain minerals and pharmaceuticals, so is best given separately from any concurrent drug therapy.

In the case of cystitis (bladder inflammation), Slippery Elm is thought to soothe the bladder lining. However, it is somewhat high in magnesium, so may be contraindicated in dogs who have an active infection with an elevated urinary pH, where struvite crystal formation may be a risk. (In cats, urinary tract infections are very rarely bacterial.) Slippery Elm bark contains natural pentosans, a class of complex sugars that contains the same compound found in the drug “Elmiron®,”the major pain-relieving treatment for interstitial cystitis (IC) in women. Pentosan has been used by the pharmaceutical industry as an anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory for more than 40 years. (Anti-coagulant effects are not seen with normal oral administration.) …

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When Purchasing New Toys Consider Safety As A Primary Factor

Children love to unwrap their presents it is an exiting moment to receive this new toy and at that time beware of an important factor. Never let a child unwrap a package unsupervised! Discard all packaging components immediately such as plastic bags, wraps, plastic ties, staples, or any other packaging attachments. These attachments are dangerous for a child if small pieces are swallowed a child could choke or even suffocate on the plastic wrapping.

Check all safety instructions, especially for flame resistance. All toys, in particular plush toy stuffed animals or any other soft toy must not come in contact or be near any heat sources, they could catch fire.

Always supervise your child at play and teach them how to use the new toy safely. In addition, always check a toy for any other hazards there could be sharp edges, or loose parts with nails or staples protruding. Always keep toys in good repair or discard them.

We all know that children have the tendency to put most things into their mouth, which is a very natural action to children as it is part of their learning process to learn to encounter their sense. Therefore, always be very cautious with small toys, beads, rattles or any small object, they represent a choking hazard.

Many hazardous components can come with some toys and caution is advisable. A toy car has many movable parts make sure they will not injure your child. Dolls, stuffed teddy bears, or plush toy stuffed animals have attachments like eyes, noses and other mountings; make sure they are fastened securely.

Children are very precious keeping them unharmed is key!…

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