Pet Names – Cool Names For Your Dog, Cat, Hamster Or Other Pet

So you’ve adopted or purchased a new pet – a dog, cat, hamster, fish, snake, parakeet or maybe a hermit crab. What’s next? Of course you’ll need to provide a good home – cage, aquarium, etc., and all the necessary supplies. But there’s still something missing – your pet will need a good name.

Maybe you’re drawing a blank when it comes to naming ideas. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible names. Hopefully this article will give you some ideas if you’re stuck, and give you a little direction if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

What color or colors is your pet? Many people like to name their pet based on coloring.

Names for a black pet – Midnight, Blackie, Jet, Inky, Shadow, Ebony, Pepper, Charcoal or Char

Is your pet white? Here are some possibilities – Snowy, Snowflake , Snowball, Frosty, Ice, Sugar, Winter, Ivory

Is your pet brown? Here are some suggestions – Brownie, Eartha , Clay, Coffee, Java, Sienna, Bear, Cub

Is your pet multi – colored? Try these – Patches, Freckles, Autumn , Calico or Callie, Confetti

Another factor to consider when trying to come up with a name is your pet’s personality or behavior. Here are some suggestions:

The pet that likes to jump – Cricket , Grasshopper, Hopper, Kanga or Roo

The aggressive or Alpha animal – Bandit, Bandito, Sergeant, Chief, Cleopatra or Cleo, Blanche, Queen or Queenie, King, Prince, Princess

Dog names taken from the entertainment field:

Benji – the title character of a series of movies.

Lassie – the title character of a television series and movies.

Astro – the family dog in the television show – the Jetsons.

Tramp – the lead male dog character in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” movie.

Lady – the lead female dog character in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” movie.

Snoopy – the dog character in the “Peanuts” comics and movies.

Pluto – famous “Walt Disney” dog.

Goofy – famous “Walt Disney” dog.

Dynomutt – a cartoon superhero dog.

Bruno – the dog character in the Disney movie – “Cinderella.”

Cat names taken from the entertainment field:

Felix – the title character of comic strips and films.

Garfield – the title character of comic strips, television and movies.

Simba – the main lion character in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Mufasa – Simba’s Father in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Sarabi – Simba’s Mother in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Scar – the villainous lion in Disney’s “The Lion King” movie.

Tom – The cat in the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons and comics.

Sylvester – The cat in the “Sylvester and Tweety” cartoons.

Tigger – The tiger character in the “Winnie the Pooh” books and movies.

Rodent, Hamster or Mouse names taken from the entertainment field:

Fievel – the lead mouse character in Disney’s “American Tail” movies.

Bernard – A major mouse character in Disney’s “The Rescuers.”

Mickey – Disney’s comic and movie star male mouse.

Minnie – Disney’s comic and movie star …

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Herbal Healing for Cat and Dog Diabetes

Natural herbs have been used over the ages to manage blood-sugar levels in humans, without using insulin. Only recently has cat and dog diabetes become a problem due to lack of exercise combined with improper food habits. Here is my list of four healing herbs you can use to help your furry diabetic friend.

Cat and dog diabetes are common in North American pets, with the majority of pet owners turning to natural treatments for pets with diabetes. Using natural diabetic treatments for cat and dog diabetes allows owners of pets with diabetes to naturally lower blood glucose levels, reverse insulin resistance, stimulate natural insulin production and avoid painful injections – all with no side effects of any consequence.

The successful treatment of dog diabetes lies in four primary herbs whose beneficial actions have stood the test of time: Turmeric root, Gymnema sylvestre, Bitter Melon, and Fenugreek seeds. Steeped into a tea or as a natural herbal extract, each herb has its own properties to treat cat or dog diabetes and keep the animal in good health while balancing blood-sugar.

A major herb used for treating dog diabetes, turmeric root, is part of the ginger spice family. The herb has a slightly bitter flavor but also a hot peppery flavor with a mustard smell. It is also known as Indian Saffron or Curcuma longa and is native to tropical South Asia.

Turmeric Root plays a major role in combating insulin resistance, inflammation and a reduction in body weight. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, used in India for thousands of years. Turmeric has been used as a general pain reliever, to aid digestion, an antibiotic, a natural antiseptic, and for many years has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. There are numerous health problems that respond well to turmeric besides dog diabetes. These include

Alzheimer’s Disease
Colon cancer
Cystic fibrosis
Inflammation-related obesity
Insulin resistance
Liver problems
Pancreatic cancer
Type 2 diabetes

Gymnema sylvestre is part of Ayurvedic herbal medicine , nicknamed the “destroyer of sugar.” Chewing on its leaves reduces the taste of sugar in foods that enter the mouth. It originated from the tropical forests of central and western India, Australia and tropical Africa, and has been used as a natural diabetic treatment for close to two millennia. Only recently has Gymnema sylvestre entered the United States and Europe. Clinical studies show that Gymnema is an effective dog diabetes treatment, reducing blood sugar levels in dogs over time.

Bitter Melon

In 2008, a study by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica gathered four compounds from fresh bitter melon that was found to activate the enzyme AMPK. This is important because the enzyme AMPK is a protein that regulates fuel metabolism and enables glucose uptake to treat both human and dog diabetes with no known side effects.

“We can now understand at a molecular level why bitter melon works as a treatment for diabetes,” said Professor David James, Director …

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Ideas Tips for The Average Joe

Happy Hobbies For Better Health

Every individual has a hobby which they often engage in due to different reasons that the individual have, however when choosing a hobby it is very important for an individual to consider the health benefits that their hobbies pose to the individuals and this is due to the fact that being healthy is the most important for every individual as being healthy allows an individual carry on with their hobbies.

There are a couple of hobbies which are considered as a to a great degree beneficial to a man’s prosperity, for instance, yoga and yoga is considered as a prepare where an individual makes sense of how to control their breathing, examination and besides get particular body represents that assurance that a man can rest and create energy from inside them.

Yoga is considered to have a couple of medicinal points of interest, for instance, improving flexibility of an individual, extending essentials levels of a man or more all else ensures that it diminishes stress in a man as stress is considered as one of the consistent prosperity perils as stress oftentimes acknowledges distinctive conditions, for instance, hypertension which is considered as life threatening.

Another hobby one can be able to practice and is considered to have health benefits is horse riding and one can take a day off their busy schedule just to go for horse riding, however it is very important for a person to ensure that they have the right horse riding gear such as long riding boots, however horse riding is considered to have health benefits and this is due to the fact that when an individual gets to ride a horse then they get to breath in fresh air as it helps in cleaning the lungs as one is able to breath in fresh air and exhale the toxic air from their body.

An individual can also be able to engage in playing different types of musical instruments as a hobby such a playing the keyboard, harp, guitar or violin according to the person’s preference as playing different types of musical instruments generates music and this tends to shift the mind of the person into absorbing the music and it is considered to have health benefits as listening to music from different musical instruments helps in lowering down the stress levels of a person as it helps in deviating the person’s mind from what is disturbing them and prompting them to listen to music and this in turn helps reducing the chances of an individual suffering from stress related health conditions such as hypertension.

Reference: click this link here now

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All About Chickens – The Australorps

Even many chicken enthusiasts have not heard about Australorps. This is somewhat of a surprise and shame, because it’s a wonderful breed of chicken with many great qualities. Here is a little bit about it, and why it would be a good addition to any home or farm.

This large breed is black, with black legs and black eyes. They are known for their beautiful, shiny feathers, which can look green in the sunlight. Often people confuse them with the Black Jersey Giant, but there are two noticeable differences. For one, the Australorp is smaller, weighing between 6 to 9 pounds, depending on if it’s a hen or a rooster. They also differ from Black Jersey Giants in the color of the bottoms of their feet. Jerseys have yellow on their feet, whereas Australorps have a pinkish-white color.

Its name comes from its breeding background. It is an Australian breed derived from English Orpington stock. It was deliberately bred as a utility chicken with a dual purpose of providing meat and eggs. It became recognized officially as a breed in the late 1920s.

This breed is renowned for its prolific egg laying. Rumor has it that one hen set a record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days. The record is under dispute, but one thing is not: hens of this breed that are happy will typically lay anywhere from 250-300 eggs per year, which means they keep laying in winter! The eggs are a pretty light brown and will be medium to large in size.

As a dual-purpose bird, they are also good for meat. This is great if you plan on having chickens as part of a subsistence farm. These birds are good brooders as well, meaning they will sit on eggs and care for them diligently until they hatch. With them being meat chickens, you can make good use of any old laying hens or extra roosters.

Besides being great meat and egg providers, this breed has a truly wonderful temperament. They are very friendly, a little shy, and so completely docile that they are often kept as pets! If you think they might be too heavy for your kids to pick up, look for the bantam version of the breed.

This is really an excellent breed to choose no matter what your needs might be. They are exceptionally winter-hardy, great layers, brooders, and good meat birds. Another bonus is that they do not generally like to fly too high, so you can keep them in a fenced area without worrying about them escaping.

If you want to get some Australorps, there are many online hatcheries that will be able to send you day-old chicks. They ship them via mail as a perishable item (the chicks do not need food or water the first couple days as they get the nutrition from the egg). Make sure you are able to take them home as soon as they arrive, then just follow whatever directions the hatchery sends with …

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Pets: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

What Type of Pet Should You Get?

If you have come to terms of finally getting a pet because either your kids want to, or you just want to, or you just want one for companionship, you should know that there are certain factors you ought to consider first so that you pick the right pet for your situation and preferences. Never join the bandwagon and get any pet that you see in a pet store because you think that it is cute. You may be getting yourself into something that will be very hard to get out of. Do not just think of yourself but the other creatures that are affected as well such as your potential pet. As you read this article, you will get a glimpse into the useful tips that you can take advantage of when looking for a pet that you can bring into your home. Though you have already considered some of these things, there may be other factors that you have failed to consider so thus, the need to read about them again.

Firstly, you have to bear in mind that having a pet that you can call your own deserves more than just feeding. Pets are similar with people. If things are bound to go wrong, then it is one of your priorities to have your pet being brought into a professional. Moreover, you may have to be buying them medications that cost some money so they will get well. Take, for example, dogs. With dogs as pets, they may be needing yearly check-ups as well as all sorts of vaccinations with the likes of Advecta II for Dogs. Are you financially prepared to be handling all of these things? The situation is more or less the same if you choose to get cats as pets. Just like dogs, to be sure that they are healthy, they should have yearly check-ups and vaccinations. You must keep in mind all of these things before you decide to taking care of a pet.

The type of accommodation that you have is another factor worthy of consideration when getting a pet that you can bring home with you. For instance, if you live in an apartment, then you should know that it does not suit well with a cat. Cats are fond of going out all by themselves and roaming around the local area all by themselves. This is not something that they can do with just a few floors of building. Such a small space also becomes a problem if you get bigger dogs. It will be challenging to be finding a suitable apartment space if you have a German shepherd or a husky. Going for smaller dogs as pets is the best thing to do if you have an apartment space. Just make sure that you ensure a room for them to act as their bed or something else that will serve as their own space.…

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Learning The “Secrets” of Pets

Tips on Making Your Puppy the Healthiest Pet

Having a good long walk will make you a healthy person, which is done in the best way if you have your puppy with you.

If you are going to walk your puppy, make sure that your pet is in good condition. Observing your puppy will help you identify if your buddy is tired of walking already.

If you are still not knowledgeable about how you can take care of your puppy on maximum level while making it enjoy, today is the perfect day to learn.

Having the Good Kind of Lead

There are many kinds of lead that you can choose from, depending on your purpose.

Having a usual lead for long walks is a good idea, which you can remove without any hassle, in order for your puppy to comfortably enjoy walking.

There are places in the countryside with certain rules that you should know before you go on a walk with your dog, which might require having a short lead for your puppy or dog to avoid any damage to the livestock.

If you want to walk with your puppy off lead, you should be sure that your pet has a collar with an updated information. You must be aware that dogs are usually very energetic when they are unleashed.

The Right Amount of Walk for Your Dog

You must know what kind of dog you have if it is the kind that gets tired easily or not.

Training your dog will help it have a good stamina, making your pet have the strength to walk with your for miles. If you have already trained your dog, you can already bring your buddy for a good walk.

If you want to measure the distance that your dog can travel, you should purchase yourself a good pedometer, making it possible for you to have good expectations.

Not Letting Insects Bite Your Pet

There are a lot of insects that can harm your puppy or dog when both of your are on a walk.

If you have a good tick prevention and insect repellant, you can be sure that your dog will always be in good condition even when both of you are in the countryside.

There are specific times in a day that there are many insects, which you should be aware.

Your Dog Needs Treats and Water While Walking

You can have a strong bond with your dog by going on long walks.

If you want to keep the energy of your dog on a high level. You should bring water and treats.

You and your dog’s energy will drain right away if you choose to walk during hot climates.

Dogs do not sweat, which means that can overheat, which is why you need to bring water for your pet.

Treats will make your dog attentive every single time.

Giving a Good Break is a Must
Your dog is not a robot, which means you need to have …

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Stuffed Animals from China

Have you been to the local toy store or Wal-Mart recently? Can you believe the number of stuffed animals coming in from China? It is unbelievable rows and rows of stuffed animals that are all Chinese imported goods. Do you realize that many of these toys do not meet the standards for the United States of America safety codes for children's toys?

Many of the toys you see are copies of toys, which were originally made in United States of America. Unfortunately many of these knockoff toys are not of the same quality as the United States built toys and this is causing a huge problem with safety. Parts often fall off and cause problems.

The stuffed animals from China are only one other types of toy, which is a problem. And just think it is not even Christmas time yet. During the Fourth of July we saw many Chinese made American flags. Is not that ironic, as our money flows leave the country, never to return and help investors make money on the Chinese bank, which recently had an IPO, we see that Americans are actually flying Chinese flags with American colors.

So this leaves one to ask exactly who owns the United States of America anyway? And the answer to that question is not too pretty considering that much of the debt on the money that the United States of America's government borrows is owned by foreign nations. Stuffed animals from China; Well that is only a sign. Consider this in 2006. …

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Dog Training Programs Offered in Various Settings

Many facilities that offer training for dogs have one or two options. Training can be conducted at day classes with the dog going home each evening. The second option is typically training camp where dogs are boarded while attending classes. Both options are taught by professionals.

There are also some companies that train dogs in the home. This tends to be the most expensive option so it may be out of financial reach for the average dog owner. It can be difficult to determine the level of training needed for the dog. Finding a facility that offers free dog training evaluations can eliminate the guess work for owners.

The Benefits of Several Options

A facility that provides comprehensive services has a myriad of options to accommodate any breed, behavior, and temperament. Some dogs may have special needs regarding training. A dog that was neglected, for example, will need to learn appropriate interactive behaviors around people. One that is extremely anxious will require a slower approach.

One place that has the capacity and experience to offer different delivery styles means any needs can be met for the dogs and the owners. Obedience is not the only reason for training. Keeping family members and the dog safe during play time is accomplished via training. Obeying commands can also keep the dog safe and healthy when in the community.

Selection Choices for Owners

Day training is a popular option because it is not expensive, but it is effective. The dog is trained for a certain number of days by certified professionals. Owners participate in the final class to learn kind and safe methods of delivering commands.

Transportation services are provided at low cost when needed. The dog can be transported one-way or round trip. This is perfect for those with hectic schedules, people who drop the kids off at school before going into work, and those who do not want to get stuck in rush hour traffic.

Lodge and Learn programs are available for private training and group training. Commands, behaviors, and successes can be reinforced because the dog lives at the facility. The training is intense and progress is faster than day training programs. The cost is higher, but the results are superior to other programs.

Special seminars on specific topics are also offered occasionally. Examples include sports training and competition level training. All training packages include follow up training sessions and life long follow up support.…

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Natural and Effective Ringworm Treatments

Getting a ringworm sounds a lot worse than it actually is, and can be cured fairly easily. Ringworm- which, by the way, isn’t actually a worm, it’s a fungus- is generally spread by contacts with pets or animals that have been infected. It is most common among children because they run around passing it to one another like a game of tag, but adults can get it too. It’s highly contagious so the first thing to do would be to limit the ringworm exposure. If you have pets, they should be quarantined to prevent further infection.

Ringworm treatments

Ringworm treatments range from the topical to the oral and can be expensive, not to mention the many possible side effects. However, this article won’t point you to creams and antibiotics. Nappyhead prefers a natural, alternative approach to ringworm treatments. So here are a few helpful hints to get rid of ringworm.

Ringworm of the scalp is sometimes more difficult to cure than other areas, but shea butter soap has been found to be helpful in most cases. Also an herbal tea made from goldenseal root can be used topically to clear up the infection. Moisten the affected area with a solution consisting of one teaspoon of goldenseal, steeped in a pint of boiling water. Allow it to cool to room temperature then apply. Goldenseal root is a popular fungus-fighting herb used for detoxification.

Tea Tree Oil is most frequently recommended for the treatment of fungus infections like athletes foot, candida treatment, and ringworm treatments. Tea tree oil can be used undiluted on the skin, but in sensitive cases, some may wish to dilute it with a carrier oil such as Jojoba oil (12 drops of tea tree oil to 1 ounce of carrier oil).

Oil of Oregano contains compounds that inhibit the growth of fungi, worms, and other organisms. It is an excellent anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent making it another option for ringworm treatments.

Don’t feed the ringworm!

Fungi thrive in an acidic environment so naturally you should combat this by making your body as alkaline as possible. This would mean eliminating or minimizing sugar, milk and dairy products in the diet to supplement the ringworm treatment. By cutting back on acidic products in the diet you are starving the fungus. If it can’t feed, it can’t live. In addition to an alkaline diet, consider probiotic enzymes with acidophilus to build up the good bacteria that will help fight the fungus.

To recap, an effective all-natural ringworm treatment would include:

*Avoiding antibiotics. They kill the friendly bacteria that the body needs to keep everything in check.

*Modifying the diet to eliminate acidic, fungus-loving foods (milk,dairy, sugar)

*Cleanse the affected area with anti-fungal oils and herbs

*Using digestive enzyme supplements and probiotic enzymes with acidophilus to promote healthy intestinal flora

There is always a natural treatment for disease if you are willing to do a little research and exploration. Why should finding an alternative ringworm treatment be any different? Be well…and ringworm-free.…

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My Pillow Pets – A Review

There are very few things that compare to the companionship of a soft and cuddly stuffed animal. My Pillow Pets are cuddly stuffed folding animals that serve as a pillow as well as a cuddly toy. It gives the security of a stuffed pet animal and also the serves as a soft pillow. All babies and kids love this snuggle pal animal pillow. It is not only a sleep time partner but also a partner for long road journeys, airplane rides and is not a run of the mill stuffed animal.

My Pillow Pets are unique stuffed animals with a strap across their stomachs. When the strap is undone, they become a pillow and when the strap is put back on they become a cuddly stuffed toy. They can also be called a stuffed version of transformers. This toy is not only a favorite of the children but also of adults and elders alike.

The other reason why this product is so well liked by all is its plush exterior. It is made from chenille of high quality. This material makes it easy to play with and also makes a lovely fur. It has a snugly quality that makes it very endearing to children. The chenille is also tightly stitched and chances of teasing and the stuffing coming out are minimal. They also are not made of small removable parts that could prove to be dangerous for very small kids.

There are different types of animals to choose for a pillow pet like farm animals, jungle animals, or sea creatures. The come in a wide variety of vibrant and matching colors that are nice to look at. There are twenty different varieties of creatures to choose from including dolphin, puppies, cats, unicorn, dinosaur and even a ladybug. The most popular of the My Pillow Pets is the pink bunny. The pink color is very pretty and the long ears make it very endearing to most children. My Pillow Pets also have other matching accessories like a blanket, slippers, neck pillows, and books that can be bought separately. …

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Definition and Function of Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless dog fence is an electronic fence and a revolutionary product that provides the basic functions of a state-of-the-art dog fence system. This wireless dog containment system is designed to keep your dog within defined boundaries to set them away from the areas that needs to be protected.

As compared to other wood or metal wings, wireless dog fence will prevent your pet dogs from digging their way under fences. With the use of this wireless pet containment system, you will be the one to design, layout and control the wire boundary that you think will best and effectively train your dogs.

Most wireless dog fence products provide similar results and operate in the following manners. It effectively transmits a wireless fence radio frequency signal around your home where the boundaries were set. Then your dog wears a lightweight water proof receiver collar which detects the signal from the wireless fence. And while this signal is being detected, your dogs have all the time to freely run and play. But as soon as it approaches the boundary of the wireless fence signal area, this is the time that a warning beeps from the fence.

At the same time, when your dog keeps going on the restricted area and the warning beep continues, a certain harmless starting light light energy pulse will then be received by your dog in just a matter of second and will instantly move it back until your dog Will not feel that pulse anymore. Thus with this kind of system, the wireless dog fence serves as the transmitter while the lightweight water proof collar is the receiver. As this simple and quick training will be repeatedly done each day, we guarantee that your dog quickly learn its boundaries and know the difference between safe area and the restricted one.

Moreover, installing this very effective dog training kit is just quick and easy. The range of the wireless dog fence boundary can be set up to 180 feet in diameter and can contain a dog size of around 15 to 50 pounds. It gives you and your dog a 24 hour protection while leaving a remarkable dog training experience. You do not have to worry about signal interruptions since our wireless dog fence signal can be transmitted consistently through walls or any obstacles.

Therefore, you can place it in any convenient and discreet areas in your house and can contain any number of pets as long as each one is wearing a collar receiver. But if you think you need to adjust the containment area, you can also increase it by using our additional transmitters.

Wireless dog fence is highly recommended to all pet owners who want to make their home organized and set prohibited areas for dogs. This is also another way to avoid keeping track on your pet wastes and preventing them from damaging any materials at home. …

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Shopping For Petsafe Pet Collars

Various pet collar styles are available in the market nowdays. Every style of pet collar has it unique brand of feel and look. Are you shopping for a pet collar? Well, if you are, it is understandable that you find it difficult to decide on which really is the right collar for the most beloved pet of yours.

If you are looking for a collar for your dog, then the most common type available on the market is simply, a collar without any special attachments, straps or loops. It is simple a dog collar that you can loop around the neck of your dog, with a metal right in it to hold the nametag of your dog.

Now, if you prefer other styles from the most ordinary type, there is quite a large number. Now if you prefer any special material for your dog collar, there are also hundreds of different styles to choose from. Standard collars are usually made of leather or nylon and comes in various styles and colors. A metal buckle is used so that they can be attached to the neck of your pet. Nowadays, other styles of collars are fitted with plastic, with plastic clips to get the collar on and off the pet's neck quickly.

Pet collars can also be very customizable in a variety of ways. You can stitch your pet's name into the collar itself and not get a separate tag anymore. You can also buy them customized with special patterns, designs, color or material, according to what you or your pet prefers.

The market now offers one that is called choke collar. This type can be used generally for training your pet and must not be placed on your pet's neck for a long period. Typically, this type of collar is made solely of metal and can be placed around your dog's neck during training period. It tightens around your dog's neck when you pull on it, obliging him to obey your commands. It can also be a useful collar when you are on the process of training your dog to just stay with you during hunting. It also teaches your dog not to pull against the collar when you are both out on a walk. However, caution must be practiced in pulling it since it might constrict your dog's breathing when folded too hard.

Petsafe pet collar is a very good option in choosing a pet collar since Petsafe is an established manufacturer. Their products are safe, reliable and durable, nothing but comfort for your pet if you opt to buy a petafe pet collar.

Meanwhile, if you are looking into hunting dog collars, you can check out for different styles online. There are various hunting dog collars online that can be purchased through an online store.

Another type of pet collar is the halter. This type is usually used when going on walks and a leash is needed. It is very beneficial for your pet because it is attached …

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